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  1. That is quite interesting. It could also include registering to vote - if you have gone past the 15 years abroad you could re-register and the clock would be set back to zero.
  2. What will see the light of day is the unfreezing of pensions from their current level abroad (partial uprating). Going back to the UK does admittedly raise the pension to the current level in the UK (full uprating) but it falls back to the partially uprated figure on returning to Thailand.
  3. Well I've done it now. If the UK solicitor objects I will get back to you.
  4. I just shelled out 2200 baht to notarise a document at a place in the Trendy building. The firm I was aiming to visit had closed down. I'm sure they were cheaper when I visited them last time. Can anyone recommend a reliable reasonably priced notary?
  5. Page 76 of the Labour Manifesto says "We will ensure that the pensions of UK citizens living overseas will rise in line with pensions in Britain". This is good news for those who are yet to retire. For those already retired the base line will be what the pension is now rather than what it should be had it been uprated since the date of retirement. That won't please those who have been on frozen pensions for many years but at least it is a start.
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