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  1. Marx used the term dictatorship of the proletariat f.e. MEW 7, 89 , and you can be shure, he did know the meaning of dictatorship. The Bolshevik ( Lenin, Trotsky ...),in Russia did made this dictatorship come true (and, surprise, surprise it was a dictatorship of the Bolsheviks and not of the Russian workers - but they claimed to act in their name). If need information about what this socialist/communist dictatorship of the proletariat meant in reality, I suggest reading books from Alexander Solschenizyn (Archipel Gulag), or the Chinese author Jung Chang , Wild Swans and google for Holodomor
  2. alcohol is not the source of the problem. Its the people not been able use alcohol in an unappropriated way. Same with motor-vehicles in general. Best would be to ban Thai- people driving - in general. I think that no Thai driver would be able to pass the test, if tested by the same standard they use in my home country. NO ONE ! first step in the right direction would be to train people for teaching driving instructors outside Thailand (or to hire these foreign experts for doing it in Thailand. ). If Thailand would have tried to built cars or electronic without foreign experts, there would be no production of electronic or cars ! .Same with mobile-phone networks and ...... It is not a miracle what is needed to make the situation better (less accidents etc.) They are just not doing it.
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