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  1. I could never get the use of attrizine right,allways to wet or to dry on my soils. I've spent the good part of 4-5 years and lot of baht on R&D to get my no-till were it is KS as you know. Would be a lot easy for the plough and tillage guys to adjust. But i don't see that moving broadacre farming forward here,yields will be the same for years to come. The day i have to turn that soil again i will sell up or buy 2 cows to run on it to keep the government happy it's farmland. Were not eligible for subsidies.
  2. Taita have said to the NHSC they will apply to the administrive court to have all stockpiled stuff that farmers hold be reinburse which currently is valued at about 10 million baht.
  3. I live west of Chumphae,but always like going to Ulbolrattana dam. No big shops but you have Udon or Khon Kaen not far away for a weekly or fortnightly shopping trip. Maybe get a dinghy.
  4. Did the same,now the shed is full of <deleted> and my tractors live outside. Spring clean in December i have told myself.
  5. That was my 1st farmhouse 15 years ago,35,000 Times have changed.
  6. A Thai mate down the road. Less steel in roof structure. It will be standard blocks,cheap tiles,old style bathroom,etc He reakons about 5-550.
  7. Yep,i probably spent 38,000 today for nothing. Still,i'm pretty comfortable there will be a buy back if something was to happen.
  8. 8 X 10 one bedroom,one bathroom and lounge area. 760,000 all up minus furniture. Paid one builder 140,000 to do structure and roof,another 60,000 for the rest(foundation,brickwork,windows,tiles etc.) 20,000 for the painters. If it was a standard Thai build you could take 200,000 off the price.
  9. Another year off then he will be ready to play some decent footy at another club.
  10. I had to build another house cause the shed was bigger,the shed is still bigger.
  11. I put a cable meter after avr on both my 3500kw heaters and they draw 20 amps each with pump running when on full dial. I have a 24,12 and 9 btu a/c's dual inverter and they all draw just under 4 amps each.
  12. Word on the soi. My Thai friend's own a couple of big chemical and fertilizer shops. When i asked about licenses,courses,bans etc,she said not to panic. They have been cut back with the amount of bulk supply on orders,so if they order 10 pallets of a product they will only receive 2 at a time.I purchased 240 litres of roundup and 100 litres of paraquat no problem. She also mentioned the product will be the same in future with a label change. I was not sure how to read into that one. Her other thoughts were it was going to take a couple of years to phase out.
  13. You mention Joe Salatin in one sentence. Then in the next you want to go and fry all the beneficial Arthropods in the soil.
  14. You need to offer a solution,which you can't because this is about peoples families and how they survive. Their not poisoning anybody and their not asking for change. Ok if you want to go out and have a couple of pints of paraquat,up to you. Don't blame the farming sector. Now i offered you to come up with some figures of what impact it would have. I have kindly done that for you,how do those figures compare to you? And i won't even start to tell you the ramifications of the so called organic product,you can work that one out for yourself.
  15. Serious,do you get paid by TV to be a clown.
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