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  1. The new Fitzroy at Arden street? Roos,Lyon,Blakey,if we could poach Pert off you Alex as CEO it would be a good quartet. Still not fond of Lyon's style but that may change sitting out to assess the game for 12 months. Wonder if Lyon would bring his business parter Silvarni or could we see Rendall(another Fitzroy player) in there somewhere. Exciting times down at Arden street,well till the season starts at least.
  2. https://www.zerohanger.com/kangaroos-draw-up-10-man-hit-list-in-senior-coaching-search-report-says-afl-2020-67659/ Well that's not to bad,30 applicants. Not a bad thing to look for a coach with no competition from other clubs. Wonder who Glen has in mind this time Hope it is performance based contract. Hope Jed Anderson stays,solid player and a lefty to breaks things up. Not much news for us on the trade front,Corr and Young from the Dogs.
  3. On a par with Rioli and slightly better than Vaustin Glad it wasn't a close finish as lost coverage after Menegola goal and when it came back it was over and Tigers by 31. As much as the Tigers are disliked they only have to please 100,000 people. Just as well my other man Cox stopped them in there tracks otherwise they would have 4 Well the Mrs is happy the season is over until the tests start.
  4. Let's hope the bigger bodied defenders can inflict some pain on the nimble tigers forwards. I really think the wings wil play a huge part,if Duncan and Menegola get on top of McIntosh and Pickett it will go along way to getting the job done. Have to adjust the first crack today with the later start.
  5. Williams is the only one i'd take out of that bunch,still coaching in a lower league and think he did some good work with Dusty to make him mature as a player.Not sure if before or after the chopstick incident My list of candidates - Sanderson,Williams,Ayres,Voss and Blight as experienced guys. Smokies - Hale,Mitchell, Rob Harvey and Jarryd Scofield who has tasted a lot of success.
  6. Well Voss must be interested if he has stated he is Not. I don't think i could bare Lyon's game style. Could we pull one of the old fellas out of the cold. Ayres,Blight,Thomas,Williams,time will tell. Not a fan of Tassie But in reality one thing that keeps us uncompetative is no Home ground advantage. The downside would be we can't keep players on the park now and the frosty conditions in Tassie wouldn't help that cause. Sorry Alex i won't be moving over with Brown,can think of about another 15 clubs higher up the pecking order to support. Thanks for the link
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