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  1. I dropped 15 kg taking one capsule a day for 3 months. I could really feel the stomach tightening up. 2nd time around not so successful but maintained weight not putting more on. Would depend on the individual i think.
  2. https://www.triplem.com.au/story/collingwoods-incredible-record-with-daniel-wells-gets-even-better-47415 The last year i agree if not contributing at training but sometimes a player like that can redirect the ship. That's why i think the Roos should push for Willie Rioli if the Eagles don't want him next year to show what a bit of class can add to its forward structure and instill confidence in the young playing group. I presume he and Brady Rawlings dealt in the past.
  3. I thought getting Daniel Wells was a good move. Although he didn't play as much as they would of liked,he pretty much showed the rest of the players how to move the ball with precision and class. Will be interesting to see if they are still a destination club over the next 3 years,probably not with Tigers,Dees,Cats and Eagles higher up the pecking order. Going to have a good look at the magoo's tonight to get a gauge on GCS playing depth against the Lions.
  4. Left field. I think it's time for the AFL to shake up the MRP and get rid of the tribunal. Just hand out fines and give the umpires the power to send off players for vicious assaults. It has to be the fairest way. Comments.
  5. We could do with Schache and it hurt watching Brown taking his marks at the highest point for the Dees. Yesterday was more like a comedy festival than AFL match between the Roos and Pies. Going to be interesting to see the David Noble pics of now and in 3 years time. Back to quote,Beveridge like any coach must have his favourites. West might be better off elsewhere as there is 3 or 4 his size gone past him in the pecking order. Given a decent crack at it he could be another Tom Mitchell or Josh Kennedy(swans) in a team with a slightly different method.
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