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  1. It's a can of worms rule. It won't add speed to the game,only more infringements. It's not right to want teams kicking scores from mediocre penalties. As you say Will,determining when the player with the ball moves offline to play on will be hard to adjudicate as it's natural instinct to move on the mark. It's getting like cricket where the batsmen is favoured more than the bowlers.
  2. I can't see it lasting,the ump is nit picking. One thing i noticed watching a lot of old games over the last few days is even with the two umpire system,the play flowed because the umps were quick with the whistle not allowing the congestion and more one on one contests. Dump this silly rule and get rid of prior oppurtunity then it will open up the game. Oh and bring back the 15 metre penalty.
  3. Hunters and gatherers are pretty much a thing of the past in our village. Even though our area is only about 50 years old,those skills to get established have gone by the wayside with the increasing demand for education and material lifestyles(tech age) At our local daily market,which you pay 20 baht/day for the stall you might see 3 or 4 old school ladies with 100-150 baht worth of produce to sell trying to make ends meet. The rest comprises of local sellers who import their products from the nearby city. Being self reliant requires a lot of man hours so unless you have an
  4. sbf,how did your cover mix roll down with the roller/crimper. Was it thick enough for a weed control mat on the surface and did you have to apply a chemical knockdown or roll a couple of times.
  5. Gero at 1st,i also worked with his dad and his BIL Eric Cooper who went on to be a good centreman at EF later on. I never forget Murray and Peter Wilson picked me up at the airport in Perth when i flew down for half time match at Subi oval,think i was 12 then. Can't recall John but i was only at East Freo for a year. That got me thinking so watched the 85 GF between EF and Subi last night.The game was pretty slick back then with little congestion.
  6. That physique looks more like a carton than a six pack these days Weight rooms were only just coming into vogue and i wasn't a mirror guy, bit of boxing yes. I used to watch Murray Wrenstead carry bricks while running up and down the ground at practice in his early days.
  7. Hope he's got his socks pulled up. You know that saying something about if you can't play the part,look the part. We will miss his mother more not serving the pies in the outer. No honestly i hope he goes well,i wouldn't like to play on him and think his best footy is to come.
  8. The boys at the club used to say Mambo number 5 was my song.
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