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  1. I was not sure of this story when I first heard the announcements. Today a Thai friend explained where exactly they are warning a dam is at risk of problems if there is another heavy rain too soon. The waters are being released more than usual so as to lower the pressure on the dam (in hopes of making it to the dry season so that repairs can be done??) I did not even know there was a reservoir back up there in the hills, but it is a far bigger dam at a far higher elevation than I knew existed... and this is the one that is at risk. They are releasing extra water daily, hoping to get to the dry season to do repairs. https://www.google.co.th/maps/@19.198468,99.5855757,225m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
  2. Unlike late September 2010, this flood took place in the daylight, and it crested for us a foot lower than 2010, meaning it did not make it into our home this time. There was a round of flash flooding on Sunday - as a warning, then the rains from tropical storm Sinlaku did a sustained downpour on Monday morning that funneled rapidly into the river. An update last night was a late evening PA announcement that the dam/ spillway upriver had been damaged and if another heavy rain hit, residents should be aware that the dam could break or that they might need to rapidly release a lot of water (??? I hate some translations I get via the PA announcements from the puyai ban) The video is drone footage of the flooding in Wang Nuea, Lampang on 3 August, 2020 The caption translates as: "Wang River, Wang Nuea District, Lampang Province, overflowing, spilling, flooding into the houses on both sides of the Wang River The current flooded the area of Wang Nuea Subdistrict Municipality and Wang Sai Subdistrict Administrative Office, Wang Nuea Subdistrict, located on the Wang River. After a heavy rain on the top of the hill And much of the water spilled down" I added a link to an English translation of a related post: ►Translation to English of a story published in KonLampang
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