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  1. The OP is an interesting starting point as to what is ahead in the primaries and then the general election. I found this article in the Huffington Post a good rebuttal to those still hoping to find a moderate path with ongoing economic security. It paints it as a pipe dream - then provides the reasons. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/amy-klobuchar-platform-fantasy_n_5e3e3602c5b6bb0ffc1155c9 I get it, many (most?) Americans want to be rid of this president and his gang of crooks AND they want to keep the corporate juggernaut that gave them decades of wealth compared to most nations. It is the "Cake-n-Eat-it-too" promise that Americans often fall for when faced with tough choices. "Can't we have both?" Look around. The Climate catastrophes of recent years (floods, fires, major storms - and now homeowners facing lack of insurance) these are real changes that will not be lessened via band-aide tweaks to programs. Just as surely as the major tax cuts started by Reagan bribed people to ignore the early energy and climate warnings of Carter, the desire to compromise sounds reasonable now. Reagan gave us the super rich and a stagnant (shrinking) middle class. This time will be worse, and quicker. Nature is not waiting for humans to wake up to mounting consequences; it is in control and does not compromise. If Americans are unable to get to a deal in the senate, then the population will suffer - at an accelerating rate. It may be difficult, but it is more possible to change the senate, to change those in government, than it is going to be to change the laws of nature/ physics and chemistry. People need a viable safety net with good healthcare AND we need a #GreenNewDeal - we need BOTH and we need them ASAP. Amy, Biden, Buttigieg, Bloomberg and especially 45 are hindrances to a government that can best deal with the needs ahead.
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