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  1. Has anyone noticed that the OP stated that his nerve endings don't seem to be as sensitive as they once were? That he used to "scream like a baby" if boiling water accidently splashed on him. (My 73 year old Hubby still does that!) Sounds like he needs a good general health screening, especially for diabetes, including an A1C test which will show blood glucose history over several months. I wonder if he's suffering from neuropathy.
  2. Just watched The Serpent on Netflix. It was largely shot in Thailand in early 2020. Very good quality and fun to take you back to the "good old days" of the hippie trail of the mid 1970s.
  3. NancyL

    platic bags

    Our supply of plastic carrier bags stuffed in a holder under the sink has definitely diminished since the supermarkets required patrons to bring their own reusable bags. We barely have enough for kitchen parings and coffee grounds with none for used kitty litter. We have buy plastic bags for the used kitty litter rather than triple bagging it in supermarket carrier bags. So much for saving the environment.
  4. If you read my post, you'll see that the owner of the convenience store in our condo used to work as a buyer at Rimping and her store is like a mini-Rimping, but without many items that have a short shelf life. In her spare time in the store, the owner is working on putting her popular items on Lazada. Each week her Lazada inventory grows. To my knowledge, Rimping is not on Lazada.
  5. We installed a Japanese-style bidet toilet when we remodeled our condo in Chiang Mai and really like it. Admittedly, it doesn't get very cold here, but the heated seat and water is nice. Plus, you don't have the toilet gun leaking on the floor. The maid doesn't like it because she is used the the Thai way of cleaning a bathroom, i.e. using the toilet gun to spray water all over everything, including expensive wooden cabinets, etc. Had to have a little training session on how to clean the toilet and cabinets and she got a watering can to use in rinsing the floors. No need to ge
  6. Western goods are being added every day! We have a splendid little convenience store in our condo building with an excellent assortment of western items, thanks to the owner, a former buyer with Rimping Supermarket. During the Covid-induced slowdown in business, she's set up a Lazada "store" and keeps adding more merchandise. Cans of Dr Pepper are one of her big sellers. It's common when we visit her store to see her packing up something we take for granted like pretzels or poptarts, to be shipped to a foreigner in rural Issan. Once I ordered a can of soup from her via Lazada
  7. Used the "drive-thru" at Chiang Mai for the first time last week b/c online is down. Hubby had used it once before when he walked to Imm. near airport and was told to show up next time in a vehicle. (mai mee rot yon) It was brilliant; only one vehicle ahead of us and the Grab driver was enthralled. "muan gan McDonald" Trouble was we had to pay for Grab whereas online 90 day is free.
  8. My brother's first wife was a lawyer. One of her clients was a very well-known prestige watch company and she handled the fake watch cases in her geographic area. One of her desk drawers was full of fake watches of that brand and some of them were really good knock-offs. My brother wore one of those knock-offs, really good, probably a nice $500 watch. She was good at what she did, so one year the company said they wanted to reward her with one of their watches in addition to her usual fees and she asked if she could have a men's watch, that she gave to my brother. It looked n
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