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  1. Not just the Thai ladies or young ladies. I've learned that the female pharmacists really know their stuff, esp when it comes to "female matters". After experiencing my second urinary tract infection in three years, with expensive testing and meds from a private hospital only to find it was e-coli infection (well, duh, not really a surprise), the pharmacist sold me an antibiotic powder, to be dissolved in water and taken at the first sign of a UTI. At the start of the Covid outbreak, Hubby and I started to take our temperatures every morning. One day mine was a littl
  2. If you want something that is totally painless, doesn't require a computer or internet connection, then there is Truevision with its monthly fee. Actually, we find the service in their local offices to be haphazard, but over the phone it's very good from their Bangkok office. Like the OP, we're old-fashioned and Hubby enjoys playing "American male" and flipping thru the channels with the remote at random to see what's on. Personally, I like Netflix or Amazon Prime for watching movies, but as he points out that involves figuring out what you want to watch rather than just seeing
  3. Yes, the recent American deaths I've known, the U.S. Consulate Chiang Mai notifies Social Security. As for a bank accepting a Final Will without probate, I've known of Bangkok Bank Kad Suan Kaew branch doing it at least three times. In every case, the staff knew the account holder, executor and main beneficiary very well and knew the intent of the account holder (deceased) It was no surprise that the account holder was dying. The only assets involved were the bank accounts -- no vehicles, condo, etc, so really no need to go to probate to clear the bank accounts.
  4. If you're receiving Social Security, they will. The American Embassy/Consulate notifies them. Keep in mind that as foreigners we're very visible and Thai people love to gossip. Word will get around quickly that you have passed. The posts above point to a procedure that is very easy for your partner if you have a Final Will. No need to rely on the "empty the account as soon as I die" strategy to get around having a Final Will.
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