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  1. American International Tax Advisers operates out of Bangkok, but they have many clients in Chiang Mai and come here from time-to-time. In fact, they'll be here this weekend to meet with some clients. They aren't cheap and if your situation is simple, you might be better off figuring out how to use Turbo Tax. However, it wouldn't hurt to meet with them when they're here: http://aitaxadvisers.com/ because there are some little-known provisions in the Thai-U.S. tax treaty that could be of benefit to you (and others, especially Thailand-based U.S. retirees with private pension income from 401k, IRAs and corporate pensions.)
  2. Hubby goes out walking almost every morning for exercise, very early like from 5:30 am to 7 am, around the moat and almost always wears the same outfit -- not the same clothes, but he owns multiple pairs of tan cargo shorts and black tee shirts (not good for walking at dawn, I know, but they don't show food stains). I wonder if someone thinks he's a nut job, also.
  3. Gee, anterian, your computer must not have come loaded with Google: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/card.html Since the person who lost her wallet is from California, perhaps she makes trips into Mexico from time-to-time and a passport card is easier to carry than a passport book. Also, some states continue to issue drivers licenses that aren't "Real ID" compliant which means that the holder of that DL can't use the DL as ID for air travel within the U.S. The solution is to obtain a passport card from the federal Dept of State. Cheaper than a passport book.
  4. I've never used SCB online, but I have used Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn Bank online and find Bangkok Bank to be much better. Actually Bangkok Bank online is much better than my online U.S. credit union.
  5. Because of their commercial branches in NYC and London, Bangkok Bank is often a winner for expats from those countries for the ease of making foreign funds transfers. Their branches in areas with high expat populations have staff with good foreign language skills, especially the branches in malls with extended hours.
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