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  1. Too many assumptions here. Sure drugs could be legalized, but there is a reason they are hard core drugs (not medicinal type marijuana). Don't forget the health care costs to take care of all new drug addicts and associated crime ala black/grey market to bypass government regulations. This doesn't include social damages of broken homes, underage drug use, etc. Of course, perhaps its best to run some studies and beta trials for certain cities like how marijuana was rolled out by states to see the overall net effects of legalization. However, history is not on the side of hard core drugs (cocaine, opium, etc.) wherever the root cause may be.
  2. Amazing Thailand and all beauties..it's great to see down to earth activities.
  3. Sure that's an oxymoron, Thailand has finally woken up to these so called tourists that add no value.
  4. Best bet would take a taxi or bts to National Stadium, MBK center has what you are looking for at decent prices, don't forget to negotiate. Just say MBK or use grab taxi and enter https://goo.gl/maps/NVh55hYFQYoPzCuU6
  5. Indeed always do your due diligence and if there is not one single reason not to like a deal, then its a scam, "too good to be true".
  6. Doubt it's a problem with Thailand, the problem lies inherently with nigerians and all scammers (india, etc.) who take advantage of these countries to set up shop. But things are likely changing in Thailand with crackdowns on scams, illegal immigration, etc.
  7. Once a scammer, always a scammer..don't believe in the so-called rich indians..
  8. Let's not donate to the gofundme as this would be encouraging others. Gofundme was not meant for this illegal overstay (there's always a choice). From the wikipedia: "GoFundMe is an American for-profit crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses." This would go against the terms of service and acting in good faith of the platform. People need to be held accountable.
  9. Lazy or stupid, or both? No wonder Thai IO and authorities are cracking down. Bad apples. Needs to own up to this instead of starting a gofundme.
  10. Classic cheap charlie, that's exactly who the Thais want out. Not to mention the so called tourists working illegally.
  11. Exactly, chinglish is not a language and calling someone benny hill chinglish is moronic and offensive.
  12. Cronies, suspect they did it to promote traffic and get new clients. Don't believe they run a profitable business at all, most likely in debt to pull off this stunt. Fake news!
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