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  1. Thanks. I should be able to wait until I get back to the UK now the pain has eased off. I will probably need a dentist here at some time and Roi Et isn't far away for me so that would be an option for me.
  2. I'm looking for a dentist as I've got a crack in a molar. I had the same on the other side and it needed root canal treatment. As often happens I started having problems just before I leave the UK to come to Thailand. My dentist did his best with a temporary filling but it hasn't held up and I'm starting to get quite a bit of discomfort. I don't think I can wait until I go back in March and going back early is not something I think is practical so I think I may have to get done here. I live in Mahasarakham but I suspect Khon Kaen might be have more options. As my wife is a government worker I can probably get it done that way but they might try to just pull it out which I don't want. Obviously one who speaks English would be better. Does anyone have experience of dentist in these areas?
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