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  1. 3 days off to pray then back at it...the ridiculousness of that is just ridiculous.
  2. anyone in LOS having a problem with no afternoon delight is not using social media.
  3. if it hadn't been for covid Hong Kong would have been independent by now
  4. for weeks I've been reading about this second wave, is there such a thing or is it paranoia scare mongering ?
  5. are these all the planes parked up @ Alice Springs?....
  6. maybe due to the savage double dose of covid that ripped through Pattaya et all before/round last xmas gave the majority immunity ?
  7. lets face it, your only peeved because the west didn't do it first. he who hesitates loses.
  8. go for a walk and get back to us how you went
  9. ants is the codeword the lizard people use for recognition.....beware of ants be very scared.
  10. yeah, it causes fluid in the lungs and you die drowning.
  11. having had to face my mortality twice from cancer, believe me, when i die i'm someone else's problem.
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