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  1. Did auto correct change that from "lay"?
  2. Take some dog treats/biscuits with you and feed them. Have you never heard the phrase never bite the hand that feeds? It really is that easy.
  3. they can sell and inject from a booth before immigration. excellent money maker...a promotion for who ever came up with this one.
  4. Lol...don't you be confusing the issue now with logic.
  5. Of course they are...let's face it they work for actual peanuts
  6. Prohibiting the incitement of violence unless its violence Zuckerberg Condones?
  7. I guess you are not a christian familiar with Genesis 1:29
  8. was that a ripple of fear i felt in the ether from all those that get up and have a jam around Chonburi?
  9. Science fiction in real time in my lifetime...the terraforming of Mars begins when the machine to produce oxygen is switched on...reminds me of War of the World's only reversed.
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