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  1. You need to check your sources, if you used any. Australia has done really well in controlling covid, in fact one of the top countries. They test and report which is a lot more than Thailand does. You never get the truth out of an authoritarian 'government'.
  2. In Australia every car owner pays compulsory third party insurance when they pay their yearly registration. This covers medical bills etc for everyone involved in the event of an accident/crash. Of course here in Thailand many vehicles are neither registered or insured. However it is hard to believe a BMW is not registered or insured. I agree with others that the driver was drunk or high or both and needs time to sober up. When the driver turns up a blood test should be taken.
  3. If the company that owns the SuperPark has gone bankrupt, members are now unsecured creditors. The bottom of the pile. From the article it is not clear if Finland ran the SuperPark, well a 49% share or if the operators ran the park under some form of license. Either way not good news for the members.
  4. I thought the government didn't keep unemployment figures. Occasionally the employment rate is said to be in the high 90% range yet there is no data to back this up. If the 'government' opened up a scheme for unemployment payments there would be registrations of higher than 50% of the potential workforce. Yet such a scheme has never been implemented. No 'government' would admit to such a huge unemployment rate.
  5. That story refers to tour groups not families or individuals travelling.
  6. Maybe this has more to do with scaring off potential Chinese tourists.
  7. The aim is for no quarantine for his chinese mates. Everyone else pay up for 14 days quarantine.
  8. Unfortunately a sign of the times. Hope the employees get 100% of their entitlements.
  9. In the case of vendor finance if the original seller dies, actually now the mortgagee the new mortgagee becomes the beneficiary under the will. In the meantime the will is administratively handled by the executor. This can take some time as the will may need to go through probate. The executor and the beneficiary can be the same person. If the mortgagee of dies intestate (no will) the estate will be divided according to law. When the vendor sells and gives the buyer vendor finance the following should occur. 1. the transfer from vendor to buyer is registered on the
  10. I purchased all that I needed at Fascino. Thanks again
  11. What’s the money this 14 days quarantine won’t last for long? Few people are willing to undergo 14 day quarantine. The Chinese will be exempt from quarantine in a short period of time.
  12. I remember a few years ago the BBC asked its world audience what was the best dish on the planet. Over 35,000 people voted beef rendang as the number one dish. Obviously few Indians voted for this, beef being a no no. Yet they would have voted for chicken rendang. (for full disclosure I love beef rendang). BTW rendang orginates from Indonesia not Malaysia. For me Indian curries are far superior to thai curries, then again taste is subjective.
  13. Thanks again Sheryl. I live in Bangkok. Actually I am keeping my SO company in Siriraj hospital while she has a minor procedure. So there is a large Fascino plus another large pharmacy across the road. Yesterday the doctor took me off haldol and put me on propanolol. I will try to get that at a pharmacy.
  14. Thank-you Sheryl. I will try a local clinic for a script for the Haldol. I don’t have too much faith in clinics as I have had no success with obtaining scripts in the past. Yet nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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