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  1. I got on the bone rattler at Taling Chan station, 3rd class, no air-con seat available. The government bus leaves Hua Hin from the centre of town. Faster than the train, slower than a killer van.
  2. I didn’t go by a killer van. I went on a government bus, slower but much safer.
  3. If you like your bones rattled to the extreme go for it. I did it a number of years ago and used a bus to come back, no way I was getting on the train again. The train is a horrible experience.
  4. Yankie speak. The USA must be one of the last countries to use the imperial system of measurement. The vast majority of countries use the metric system.
  5. True. The picture is of tiger prawns not giant freshwater prawns.
  6. In my case a Thai massage did make it much worse, so much so I ended up in hospital. The pain was horrible, I couldn’t walk and had to be carried by ambulance staff down four floors. No elevator. Never been near a Thai massage since and never going to. This happened ten years ago.
  7. The verb ‘rushed’ is used too often in this forum.
  8. Never going to happen. A couple of hundred baht to the right person who will turn a blind eye.
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