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  1. GM decided that they were getting out of right hand drive vehicles. Holden, Chevvy. Not news.
  2. Be prepared for an alcohol sales ban 24 hours before the start of the holidays.
  3. But there have been nobody infected with covid for weeks, or so we are told. Where will the infected come from?
  4. The hypocrisy in this so called government is beyond belief. Remember Prayuth is an army general and used to having everyone bow down to his beck n call. He is not used to people questioning him. This is just his personal power trip and he is trying to hold on. The current emergency order has nothing to do with the virus, it is all about power. How many days without a positive case being reported do we have to go through this nonsense decree? When they reach that magical number one new case will be announced so they can start the cycle again.
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