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  1. The exchange rates look not very pleasing to me
  2. I just asked for a copy of each to take home, then I scanned them and cleaned up a bit, and attached them to my posting. So if someone wants to save some time in the office, he/she can fill it out in advance. You may download the PDF above.
  3. Today was extension day, so I was on my way from Pak Chong to Korat. First a visit to the bank in Pak Chong to get the statement. Friendly service, took about 10 minutes, cost 100 Baht. I asked for some copies of the bank book, quickly done for free. Off to Korat, not so much traffic, on highway 2 until Sikhiou, turn right on 24 to Chock Chai, left on 224 into town. Arrive at the immigration about 11:00. No waiting required, but the document check revealed something was missing. I was used to Phuket's requirements, but Korat is a bit different. Anyway, the 2 additional forms (find the PDF as attachment) were filled out quickly, and luckily I had a copy of the Tabien Baan of the place where I stay with me. Another two minute wait and I met the officer in charge. While chatting a bit ("Oh you stay a long time", I'm in the country since 2007 without leaving) she was busy on the computer completing everything, "take off your glasses please", picture taken, 1900 Baht changed hands, a new 90-day-report date was appointed (13th of April, Songkran. "We are closed on that date, just come after Songkran"). Everything done and dusted at 11:30. Amazing experience after Phuket, where the whole procedure took about double time and then "Come to get your passport tomorrow after lunch!". Documents required were: - Passport and copies of it. As always I provided a complete set. - Filled form TM 7 with a recent photograph (Application form) - Statement from the Bank (in case of doing retirement based on money in the bank) - Copy of Tabien Baan of the registered residence (TM 30 and TM 28 done already) - The additional forms I had never seen before. Basically you declare that you know about how bad an overstay is, and you tell how you finance your stay for one year. The forms are attached as PDF, print the page 1 and 2 on one page (front and rear), page #3 separate. Not needed opposed to Phuket: - Map of location of residence - Pictures in front of the house (including house number) I was back in Pak Chong about 12:30, right in time for lunch. Thanks to the staff at the office in Korat. Definitely a good experience, and nothing to worry about. Korat Immigration Additional Forms.pdf
  4. hkt83100

    Updated Honda PCX for 2019?

    I am still driving my 2013 model. The new one they can put where the sun does not shine. Next one will be an N-Max, it is cheaper, has ABS, and other goodies the PCX leaves to be desired.