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  1. If you cannot locate any, Lazada is your friend. https://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?q=vegemite&_keyori=ss&from=input&spm=a2o4m.home.search.go.1125719cXNyXOp
  2. I loved the Underbelly shows. My favourite Oz series in recent times is Mr Inbetween. Rake is up there as well. Others are Top of the Lake, Mystery Road and Jack Irish. Blue Murder, made in 1995 but was based on the Sydney underworld and corrupt cops was excellent as well. Might've dated now though.
  3. Just started watching series 3 of El Marginal. I'd forgotten how brutal is it. Summary: Miguel a former Argentinian cop, is sent by a judge to get into a prison in order to find the kidnapper of his daughter as a result of a favor. Once in there, he changes his name to Pastor Peña, and tries to survive by gaining the confidence of the recluses. Meanwhile, the Superintendent of the Prison a social psychologist and one of the most important recluses, who controls the prison from inside are part of this big mafia structure.
  4. For Heaven's Sake New 8 part series available now on Rarbg. Summary: FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE blends comedy and crime documentary formats for a unique take on uncovering the truth. The series will follow the search for Harold Heaven, who mysteriously disappeared from his remote cabin in Ontario, Canada, in the winter of 1934.
  5. Ryan Daniels @FootyRhino · 29m Confirmed: Willie Rioli will be handed a two year ban, 18 months of which has already been served. He will be available to play for @WestCoastEagles in August. Can train with team prior to that.
  6. AFL 2021: AFL chief Gillon McLachlan urges fans to give man-on-mark change a chance Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge has called on the AFL to “bend” on its controversial new man on the mark rule to avoid fan outrage and umpiring inconsistency. The rule change forces the player on the mark to remain standing in the one spot and not being allowed to move in any direction. Fans became disgruntled last weekend when a 50m penalty was paid against Fremantle’s Brennan Cox for moving off the mark, handing West Coast’s Oscar Allen a goal from right in front.
  7. Reckon you can put money on Ross Lyon coaching next year. I don't know if it will be at GWS, Collingwood or Melbourne though.
  8. Johnanthan Tucker is a terrific actor. Thought he was sensational in Kingdom and Justified. Scifi not my thing though. Hope you enjoy it.
  9. Man in Room 301 Enjoying this one. The whole series with subs available on Lime. Summary: The life of the Kurtti family changes completely on one fateful, midsummer night. Years later, secrets start to unravel and show how far each of them are willing to go for their loved ones.
  10. Just for Uncle Alex. ‘More stressful than ever’: Which AFL coaches are under the pump in 2021? In a season of coaching intrigue, Nathan Buckley, Simon Goodwin and Leon Cameron are the senior coaches who enter the season with the highest degree of uncertainty about their futures. Buckley is coming out of contract in his 10th season. Goodwin and Cameron both have contracts for 2022, but neither of the latter pair is assured of retaining his job without strong results. Goodwin has what industry sources say is a “watertight” contract – in other words, one t
  11. Imagine losing a game for something like this. They'd burn the grandstand down.
  12. I've seen Cox interviewed before Always comes across as a decent fella. I almost want to throw up though when those Collingwood morons start chanting USA USA.
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