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  1. The Paras: Men of War These type of shows are usually not my cup of tea, but I'm enjoying this one. Two episodes out of three available. RARBG Summary: Documentary series filmed over 12 months and featuring unparalleled access to the elite Parachute Regiment following the process by which new recruits are turned into elite soldiers trained to kill.
  2. Will27

    Playing USB Stick on Old Amp

    Thanks for that. Don't really want to go that way about it though, it's a bit too messy.
  3. Spud17 has just uploaded a pile of new series. I'm looking forward to watching Sahsiyet. Been waiting for it to arrive with subs.
  4. Solo AKA Mafia Undercover series 2 with subs is available TPB. Summary: Solo (Mafia Undercover) stars Marco Bocci as Marco Pagani. Marco is an undercover cop code named Solo who has infiltrated the Italian Mafia in Rome. By twice saving Bruno Corona (Peppino Mazzotta), whose deal with a Ukrainian arms dealer goes bad he is able to ingratiate himself into his trust.
  5. Will27

    Playing USB Stick on Old Amp

    Thanks for that. The amps has inputs for phono, CD, tuner, Dock, Tape and line/md. The only jack is for headphones.
  6. I've got an Onkyo amp which I run a CD player from. It's probably about 5 years old now and has no port (only a dock) for a USB stick. Looking at options, it seems a new DVD/CD player like this one, just to play music from my USB stick. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/panasonic-dvdvcdmp3-dvd-s500gj-k-i124698011-s130649735.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.5.53156e117af5A2&search=1 Seems to be a decent and cheap way to go, or is there another option I should be looking at? Thanks in advance.
  7. You should've put more time into the application rather than blaming Thai employee's and everyone else. FWIW, when an Aussie provides financial support for the applicant, the decision to grant or refuse is reviewed by an Aussie member of staff. That's not to say mistakes don't happen, but by and large it's an easy process with a high grant rate.
  8. Woah! They saw you coming I'm afraid. $1200 for a $150 visa. That's outrageous. They're very simple to do as well.