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  1. Some good ones listed. Here are some I don't think have been mentioned that I really liked. Gomorrah Sneaky pete Line of duty Peaky blinders Suburra Cardinal Luther Pod Prikritie Jagarna Mr Inbetween
  2. He's a good chance FJ. Then again, GWS are playing the Suns. Four against Melbourne should do it though.
  3. Ted Bundy: Mind of a Murderer One of the better shows on Bundy that I've seen. Summary: Following decades of fascination with America's first serial killer, Ted Bundy's horrendous crimes continue to haunt the country. Now, for the first time, we hear exclusively from individuals directly involved in the case who have finally come forward to share their story. Friends and family of some of the victims have also agreed to speak for the first time. This unique first-hand testimony takes us back to the time of the murders, coupled with extensive jaw-dropping audio archive from Ted Bundy himself, gives a mesmerizing insight into what was really going on inside the mind of a monster.
  4. The Righteous Gemstones Haven't seen anything yet of this new HBO series. I'm a John Goodman fan so will give it a crack. Episode 1 available now. Summary: Follows a world-famous televangelist family with a long tradition of deviance, greed and charitable work.
  5. Call the Cops Enjoyed episode 1 of this new 4 part series. Summary: TV documentary series about frontline officers on the Devon and Police beat will include a report on a thug who terrified children in a Paignton shop before spitting at police and two hospital nurses.
  6. Happy Jail Enjoying this one at the minute. Five episodes in all. Summary: This five-part docu-series goes inside the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), a unique Philippine jail where dancing is part of the inmates’ exercise and rehabilitation.
  7. Back to the Saints? Tom Morris‏Verified account @tommorris32 Follow Follow @tommorris32 More Can confirm Ross Lyon has been sacked today. Effective immediately. CEO Steve Rossich also gone. Peter Bell goes bang. Lyon will receive a payout. No job lined up elsewhere. More on @FOXFOOTY soon.
  8. Well people That's it again for this round. Stud, Radar and Gazman all picked 7 in a really tricky round. Stud gets the Twirl bars for being closest to the margin. Alex has moved to 2nd in which should be a great finish to the year.
  9. Thought we might be up against it in the wet. Cracking game though.
  10. Nice work Alex. Picking Essendon was a great get. I'm nervous alright, but not about the tipping, about today's game. I hope the sun stays out for it. If it's fine I reckon we will get the chocolates. But TBH, who really knows. The Bulldogs/GWS game is a tricky one. Win and the Bully's move into the 8.
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