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  1. Uncovered: Killed by Hate Thought this documentary was quite good. Summary: A sobering look at the evolution of hate in America, the series explores the escalation through online and social media. Though, it shines a light on the activism and nationwide mobilization that has sent the message “love is greater than hate,” Oxygen said in a statement.
  2. The main reason it's applied is because they don't want people trying to extend their stay or apply for something else like a spouse visa. Immigrations main concern is that people will find work and overstay. That is why they look for compelling reasons to return home. It stands to reason that if some has a good job in Thailand, they're less of a risk of overstaying than someone who makes 300 Baht per day selling noodles.
  3. I gave you some information in post 11. What else what you like to know? I'm happy to help if I can.
  4. Give me a break Alex, the HQ was my first!! My SLE was red with maroon interior. It was lush. 308 donk with a turbo 400 gearbox. I'm getting half a mongrel thinking about it even now. I've heard FJ has a 12 inch tongue and can breathe though his ears. Maybe that's why he was popular with the ladies.
  5. You should speak to better agents, because that is incorrect. They (Immigration) won't do anything to you if she overstayed anyway. Lots of people apply without a sponsor and get visa's. All depends on the applicant and the strength of the application.
  6. No. You can apply for a waiver to lift it, but the circumstances must be compelling. Pretty hard to do.
  7. Can you tell me why? Because in my dealings, that's not the case. The Aussie citizen is not applying for the visa. There's no advantage at all.
  8. Being an Aussie citizen doesn't really concern Immigration TBH.
  9. The reason they apply the 8503, is so that you cannot apply for another visa whilst you're in Australia.
  10. "This is a bigger issue for my Thai wife and I because that was our plan (9+3), once I qualify for the Aust Pension - I have to live in Aust for minimum of 2 years when I first apply otherwise I cannot keep it when I go overseas for more than 12-26 weeks (it changes - once they said 6 weeks)." I assume you currently live in Thailand? Because my understanding of the OAP, is that you only have to wait the 2 years for portability if you have been living overseas and return to Oz to apply. If you have been living in Australia, you get portability as soon as you get it granted.
  11. FJ, I know why they do it, but would it be that hard to have a seperate website AFLW for the ladies? They do the same thing on the CA site as well. My first car in Oz was a HQ station wagon. My two favourites were my beloved SLE 5 litre commodore followed by my VR6 Golf.
  12. We got the choccies FJ. Jhye Richardson is bowling well. Reckon he would've been handy in the Ashes.
  13. Picked up 4 wickets in the first session FJ. Maxwell looking dangerous.
  14. If it was a Port game, you would be if lucky the hubcaps were left.
  15. TBH, you're lucky she got the last visa granted. You've used the tourist visa as pretty much a partner visa. She can't be deemed to be a tourist when she is basically living there. I would just enjoy the current visa and then apply in another 12 months. Having a sufficient break between visas will be the key. With her visa history, one visa grant per year, assuming she stays the full 3 months is about pretty much she will get I think.
  16. TBH, it pretty much doesn't make much difference that you're not an Aussie. She's applying for the visa and you're financing it. So pretty much the same still applies. The main one is the reason to go home and ties to Thailand. Her travel history will be in her favour, so will be travelling with you. It's only 10 days as well. A letter from the school about her studies wouldn't hurt either. I'd say she's a real good chance of getting one. At the end of the day, it's cheap enough so just lodge an application.
  17. Rightly or wrongly, Immigration think your girlfriend is spending too much time in Australia to be considered a genuine tourist. How long has she spent in Australia since the first visa was granted? If you don't want to apply for a spouse visa, your options would be to apply for a 6th one later on and see what happens I guess.
  18. Sorry Trend Setters. It seems the clubs now have a "digital" membership where people in Oz can stream the games. These are around $130. I was talking about Global membership and they all seem to be around $190. So I won't be jumping onto GWS
  19. FMD Chooks, Hill's a jet and Jones, Howard and Butler are good players. Think you might regret giving away Josh Bruce though.
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