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  1. You are too concerned about nothing, just fill 91 E20 and tell him you filled 95 if he ask. If he is giving any problems just go to another rent outlet, they are very eager for customers and I am sure you can get a very good deal. My 7 years old pxc has been running 91 e20 for almost 30k km and the engine is still in very good shape.
  2. Hope he get a heart attack before they catch him.
  3. 90 charging stations in 2022!! We are not quite there yet. Maybe in 5 years time an EV will be worth having and the batteries will also be better by then.
  4. It was pretty dead down town Pattaya this evening when I was out eating with the family. Looks like it will be a very quiet Songklan which suits me just fine.
  5. Breaking news just in!! Private hospitals can buy Covid vaccine of their choosing Private hospitals can buy 10 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine, in addition to the government's purchases, to help create herd immunity, a senior spokesman said on Friday. Sorry can't quote this newspaper, not allowed.
  6. I don't think they are getting uglier, the choice is huge, well okay we can't get all of them here in LOS but still not bad. Almost all of the bigger brands offer some kind of retro looking model(s) and they also make bikes looking as some kind of space insect too, so something for every taste. Hmm Royal Endfield one of the biggest brands only makes retro looking models I think & Triumph have huge success with their Twin engine model range so many prefer a retro bike but not all. I would never buy a vintage bike, times have moved on and I like ABS, traction co
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