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  1. Agreed, this is a bike forum and one must assume we have a lot of bike riders in here?? OP go for it but as advised, don't go over 500cc. Since you would like going with your friends up north, I will recommend the Honda cb500X, a small adventure bike. Or the Royal Endfield interceptor 650 (okay over 500cc but about same power as the 500X) I tried the RE650 and it's very easy to ride. My own big bike have 115hp and I love it but I very very carefully pick my spots to use that power and try to read the traffic all around me. You can sit in a rocking chair, be
  2. I bought via Amazon, then I get a laptop without Thai letters. A bit tax is added when buying but I got some of it back after a while. When I look for a laptop, I check as many reviews as possible and try to narrow down what I want. Then when I know what I want I start searching on-line stores for it. I bought a laptop for my daughter at Banana IT in Central and it was okay price wise and on the specs.
  3. If you are on a budget buy a used Honda cb500X, decent power, economical on fuel, the 2019 and onwards version is the best from what I can read. Forget about that Zontes, you say you can't find a dealer, can you imagine the head-ace it will give you if you need a spare part and the dealer is 1000km away? Perhaps okay if you are planning a China trip
  4. Lovely looking car, thinking about getting one next year. Nothing special in terms of performance but okay for most.
  5. Yes no doubt many Thais are coming to Pattaya this weekend and NCC1701A too When we go out tonight, it will be on the scooters, can't be bothered taking the truck. Doubt we will hang around for a long time, seen fireworks before.
  6. On my WT 2.2 from 2013 the AC completely failed earlier this year while I was stuck overseas working. The failure was so severe that (according to my wife) smoke and steam was pouring out from under the bonnet and the truck had to be trucked to Ford (2 km away). That was 29k for a whole new AC unit which is not so bad actually. Then when they were fixing that, they phoned my wife and told her an engine gasket near the gearbox was not holding 100% tight anymore and they recommend it getting changed as well. That was over 8k because the gearbox have to be partly removed
  7. There will be a lot, don't worry. All beach front hotels are fully booked according to below link. I plan of going down there tomorrow and would also like to know when they start. Edit, they start the fireworks 2130 as per below link https://www.pattayamail.com/featured/pattaya-beachfront-hotels-100-booked-for-fireworks-weekend-335224 https://www.pattayamail.com/news/pattaya-fireworks-festival-to-tailor-show-to-home-crowd-335232
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