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  1. 5000 baht every month for 5 years, man that is a sweet deal you made there (as long as he pay). If I was on the market today, I would look at the new 2.0 Ranger. But don't listen to my advice since I am an official Ranger fan boy, my WT2.2 from 2013 have been flawless. It's best to go test them all and then make up your mind. Upgrading from a 2010 pick-up truck to a 2019 huh, you will feel you drive a limousine, so much has happened in 9 years.
  2. I read on expat bikers Facebook that the new rule say max125cc but I can't find it, saw it app 1-2 weeks ago.
  3. Yes I gonna contact the seller and tell him the deal is off The rectifier sits above the rear wheel but but the 1st owner has already bought a protection box and fitted. The seat is a real pain to get on/off, keyhole also above the rear tire and you almost have to get on your knees to get to it, <deleted>! I guess you pay a price for a relatively cheap bike.
  4. Fuse box Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Well thaiguzzi, looks like I will have to eat my words about the XSR900 because I just bought one. It looks way better in the flesh than I expected. The owner was kind enough to take me on a fairly long ride, him on his Tracer 900GT and me on the XSR. That's why he is selling the XSR, for his needs the GT is better. Boy this bike got torque man, it pulls hard from 3000rpm, the engine is just awesome, absolutely loves it. Maybe I get a Triumph when I turn 60 in 3 years time but until then I gonna enjoy my XSR900. I put down a deposit already and will hopefully seal the deal tomorrow and will post a couple of photos. https://www.bahtsold.com/view/2018-yamaha-xsr900-with-quality-suspension-upgrade-and-accessories--349515
  6. We drove this last Friday from Pattaya to Buddha footprint (Chanthaburi province) in our WT2.2 from 2013, a app 180km trip each way. As always when doing some touring in the Ranger I was amazed how well it did the trip, very comfortable and I was going fairly fast sometimes and it felt very good in the sweeping winding roads. The tires were changed last year, got the same as when new; Bridgestone Dueler Pick-up trucks are perhaps a bit unhandy in narrow parking spaces but I find them very good otherwise. One poster said why have a pick-up truck in Pattaya? Well we got flooding here every year and then the truck come in handy. Admitted; I been looking at getting a small SUV when we eventually change car but I haven't yet decided if we gonna go that way or get another Ranger with the new 2 lit engine. I suggest OP looking into getting better tires, they are the contact point to the road and saving money here is not very wise.
  7. The XSR doesn't really tick for me, looks somewhat odd to me, but that's me. Yes I also saw one bike journalist from a well know bike magazine saying he gonna buy the new ST 2019 for the looks alone but it will not be his only bike but those guys must love bike enormously since they are making a living testing them (lucky bastards). Agreed that the ST is powerful enough for Thai roads but the MT09 will very likely have a huge fun factor whilst riding it. Try check out this owners review (bike tester as well) of the MT09, he absolutely loves it and he demonstrates how much toque that triple engine got and he says that the Triumph Street triple is a more complete bike but at 50% more cost and not worth it to him:
  8. Now with all this positive talk about the MT09 and I also talked to an expat yesterday on a MT09 which basically said the same as earlier posts, got me thinking hard. I will have to check the MT09 more, visit some shops next week. The Bonneville is all about the look and the MT09 is more about a fun ride, both got very torquey engine. Sadly the Speed Master is out of budget, due to family commitments my max budget are in the 400k range. Thanks for the inputs guys, all lot of food for thought.
  9. I think the time has come to sell my Versys650 mk3, just need something else/new. I have sort of shortlisted above bikes, the classic new Triumph Street twin and the new Honda CB650R. Huge differences in the 2 bikes, one is for relaxed rides with 80Nm toque, the other one; cafe racer styled and 95HP, hmm. About 100K baht differences in price in favor of the Honda. I tried the new Street Twin at Watchara Marine Pattaya last Saturday but only on their land around the shop as I was out with my family in the truck and didn't have any bike gear with me. I only managed getting into 2nd gear very briefly, man 1st gear is looong. You can't judge a bike based on that but to my surprise; I was told, I can take it out for a spin if I bring my bike gear, so will do a proper test ride sometime this week, which I look very much forward to. Saw the Honda at Big Wing, also a somewhat nice looking but not in same liege as the Street Twin in my opinion, the Street Twin is a true looker. Sadly Big Wing is under the umbrella of Mityon that sits heavy on the bike/scooter market in Pattaya and I doubt a test ride is forthcoming since they are a greedy bunch but I will go and ask, also later this week. If I can't do a test ride, I won't be buying. My big bike is only a toy for me nowadays, don't ride much and if I see rain clouds around, I take the truck. Used to be a real biker, toured EU and Australia when I was young. On my V I only managed 1 touring trip to Koh Chang, which I actually enjoyed but doing 1000km a day as I did a couple of times in Aus is definitely over. Not interested in the new R.E. twin, no thanks. Looking forward getting some inputs from fellow big bikers.
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