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  1. I have a feeling we will be hearing about this nut case in the not to distant future
  2. well that is a little late - a grant of nearly $800m was given to Myanmar just before the military take over - I wonder where it is now - I have a pretty good idea
  3. of course it is fake - they said it would rain today and I looked out my window all day and no rain - lock them up and throw away the key
  4. Treated how exactly, are they all standing around looking at them Pretty sure they will not be sick in any way, how do you you treat a patient that is not sick
  5. tourists tourists tourists those smelly unshowered tourists you know what, I was chatting with a MB taxi rider a few days ago and I was saying "need farang come back" he just looked at me with and empty stare, even now after all this time some of them still can't join up the dots or won't admit the dots exist, hard to believe
  6. they are wearing them in the right places mostly something that is of concern are crowded bars were social distance is not being observed, owners are piling people in, restaurants are not far behind Some places have well spaced out tables Police in Pattaya are strictly enforcing the midnight closure but up to that time some places are literally packed with people, it makes no sense
  7. a completely foolish thing to say does he actually comprehend why there is a quarantine
  8. a rare occurrence in the west, not so rare in Thailand, probably a weekly event here RIP
  9. well if you are 65 and have a pension of XX per year and live 14 years then it is pretty much accurate I suppose - lets go by the requirements for a 12 month extension 65k baht a month or 800kbaht a year - not hard to work out obviously depending on currency fluctuations etc Currently 800k baht a year is about 20k sterling and about 25k US x 14 is in the ball park figure of $350k or £300k, that is pretty much what Thai Immigration want to see The OP talks about savings which is somewhat misleading - I have already been here 16 years on a pension and I am still under 60
  10. this is nonsense and does not seem to consider income as in pension payments which would offset the need for savings considerably
  11. you and all your deputies "were not elected" Nobody put any of you into office That Is not democracy I really feel for anyone on both sides who have suffered Here is the very clear message - people in Thailand want to vote for who they want to run the country you are not it
  12. Phuket was already failing pre covid due to stupid pricing, you want to resurrect your already failing tourism - stop the stupid rip off prices for pretty much everything and start again
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