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  1. it might well be - but what are they doing ? walking around the street I think they have taken the name literally "walking street" I have been here a long time and never seen it so quiet, if it doesn't pick up very soon whole streets will be wiped out, soi7 soi8, soi10 soi11 12 13 - diana etc
  2. how about investigating their wealth and make them pay it back to the people
  3. totally agree corruption is generally sustainable providing the countries core economics are robust (for Thailand - tourism and exports and relying on foreign investment by providing cheap labour) however, development will be none existent, the poor remain poor, infrastructure remains static and underdeveloped, zero to little welfare of the people, services underfunded, poor standards and safety, lawlessness and greed, high crime rates, police under funded and under trained (costs money), poor education, all because trillions that should be spent on such things ends up in deep greedy corrupt pockets Once the core economics start to falter it all comes crumbling down, it's like someone with a real bad drinking and gambling habit - it eventually catches up
  4. there is a battle going on in Thailand right now There are people who enrich themselves through corruption and want a strong baht because they want to continue to invest/launder their ill gotten gains on foreign soil, they are only interested self enrichment and greed and have little interest in the country and economic strength - it doesn't affect them Then you have the genuine businesses that rely on Thailands main source of income - Exports and Tourism - the backbone of the Thai economy which is disintegrating At some point in the near future this will all come to a head and the fallout could be dire We have seen this scenario play out in several countries throughout the world - countries that now suffer from hyper inflation - a worthless currency and economic implosion
  5. They cited every possible reason except the correct one The Elephant in the room ****The Strength of the BAHT****
  6. It's filled with stars something wonderful is about to happen
  7. the next event won't when I found out a friend of mine was using and selling drugs I deleted every trace of him from my media environment and made him do the same Years ago a guy I knew had just got out of prison on bail and he told me what happened to him He was at a friends house for a party and stayed overnight in one of the bedrooms, the police raided the house and found drugs in the wardrobe of the bedroom he was sleeping in - you can guess the rest The house owner was not arrested - he was
  8. Visit strange new worlds, seek out new civilizations and boldly go where no ladyboy has gone before sorry can't help myself
  9. a true believer, maybe you could volunteer to be Thailands first Astro nut
  10. someones been sampling the medical skunk I think it was bound to happen space invaders Thailand to be the new "Hub" of space in SEA
  11. we all knew it was coming spend more than 24hrs in space and you must fill in a TM30
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