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  1. let us know how you get on I think the bank letter is key to this, if it is worded to confirm monthly deposits and confirms that the money came from outside Thailand (both true) which the bank knows then who knows
  2. I know "Exactly" the effect his comments will have
  3. smedly

    User Site Issues 2019

    well yes of course, I do have a degree level education in networking amongst other things, it was something I overlooked for a while until I actually decided to look into it, it took me 2mins to diagnose and solve, thanks for you input Power outage causing corruption of a file that was likely being accessed at the time, there were no other indicators or errors that the file was corrupt apart from no updates to the file itself which were not evident
  4. smedly

    The official Manchester United thread 2019

    I think Mourino is a good team builder - buying players etc, but he fails to manage them correctly, he did pull together a great team of players but just couldn't manage them without issues - as a manager he failed - as a team builder he gets my vote
  5. smedly

    User Site Issues 2019

    I have the problem sorted, I probably should have worked it out myself a lot earlier lol We had a double power outage yesterday at about 2pm very fast off and on twice in succession, so I looked a bit closer, it turns out that me PST file on my mail application had become corrupted and I was in fact receiving no new mail from anywhere not just TVF, so the problem had nothing to do with TVF it was a corrupted mailer file on my system, all fixed now and working sorry for the wild goose chase
  6. smedly

    User Site Issues 2019

    I was getting notifications up to about miday yesterday, I have changed nothing and also checked all settings - they are correct
  7. I do yearly (or 2x yearly) transfers in sterling to my sterling account in Bangkok Bank, I then do monthly transfers to my Thai baht account. This does in fact tick the boxes for the requirements of income - Foreign transfer from outside Thailand - Monthly transfer to Thai Bank Where these monthly transfers from a foreign source - yes, the money came from outside Thailand
  8. smedly

    The official Manchester United thread 2019

    really, you made an incorrect interpretation were there was none to be made - only in you own head, the matter is closed Behave yourself when posting here - simple
  9. smedly

    User Site Issues 2019

    email notifications for content I follow has stopped working
  10. smedly

    The official Manchester United thread 2019

    Just to be clear - I made no threat to anyone, you interpret (conversation wouldn't last more than a minute) actually means I would walk away and ignore you, I made absolutely no threat of violence
  11. smedly

    The official Manchester United thread 2019

    if this is not a baiting trolling post then I don't know what is