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  1. Photo in the OP - mass gathering super spreader event, but it's ok becase they are all in line to get a vaccine jab that will take 3-4 weeks for 10% protection Amazing
  2. we might allow lol maybe it will depend on how much money you are spending - if you hit a certain provable level on the first week you may qualify for a special alcohol VIP certificate .................................Amazing
  3. more people faster ????? They still aren't getting it - fully vaccinated is 2x doses How you roll out this vaccine is to pick the group that need it most and complete 2x doses with them, then you select the next priority group and 2x doses for them, if you have surplus vaccine then you branch out a little during the 3 week period between doses what a ##### mess
  4. you might open up in 120 days - do you have enough GPS trackers for all these tourists you are expecting lol on second thoughts - it's unlikely to be an issue
  5. 20% - how may hotels ................................10 ? if I went to the trouble of getting vaccinated in my home country I would demand a little respect from a country that has totally made a mess of their so called vaccine rollout - you want to test me track me ##### me over and charge me for it ...............no thanks Think again stupid people
  6. so you are assuming that 1.3m health workers were exposed to the virus Think again
  7. 50% efficacy against which virus variant - this news announcement means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, it lacks deatils which are important - perhaps on purpose
  8. an interesting situation when opening does actully happen, 120 days is not possible IMO It happened once already months ago (bars opened) and it was dog eat dog as prices dropped - the winners being an area around LK Metro who shared out the few customers available a mixture of the stranded and the retired, I suspect the majority of which is now just the latter as most of the stranded have already left as furlough schemes come to an end and people have to get back to work If they open in 120 days will anyone be coming - that is dependent on so many things and is as yet
  9. is phuket and its airport big enough to cope with the massive influx of .................empty planes lol
  10. agree - they keek quoting this 70% figure that is striaght out of the early 2020 playbook, add to that the efficacy of the Chinese vaccine as yet unknown against the varriants that are now sweeping the world - my guess would be that the Inda variant will become rampant here very soon if not already and they will discover that most of their vaccinations will be null and void and ineffective.....................................there is also the possibility that a new variant will appear that makes all the current vaccines null and void and all countries will have to start over
  11. looks like the Thai guy has a head injury hope they both fully recover
  12. many on here have been posting the same thing for months for some reason the authorities don't want to test, I suspect the primary reason is that they think it will make them look bad and also scupper any plans they have for opening up the country and of course they will lose face it is in the interests of everyone in Thailand for them to be open and transparent, knowing the actual spread in accurate numbers is a vital tool to fighting this pandemic - putting you head in the sand and hoping it will go away is not
  13. well it is 4 tests per person at say 4k baht each plus you will be rinced with lack of hotel choice paying top prices for rooms - and anyone that gets a positive test what then ? - the risk of which is high because Thais will not be fully vaccinated who on earth could be bothered with this
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