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  1. They want you to come and spend loads of money but when it comes to basic services and human rights that should be equal to everyone bo matter creed colour race religeon suddenly you are treated worse than a soi dog - an attitude that is fed down right from the very top. Even now with businesses closed they still can't get their heads around the fact that they need farangs to make it all work, and on the next breath they blame us for their demise - farang not come ...... their fault not ours, their inability to think something through is astounding
  2. This is quite frankly an outrage, a medical professional being threatened for telling the truth boy does this place need a clearing out - not much chance when those in power just elect themselves There really is only one way to change things unfortunately and it isn't pretty and no guarantee of those who eventully replace them in a power grab of not being just as bad or more likely worse
  3. good idea try and avoid being arrested - good luck with that
  4. just look at that photo CV19's primary transmission now well understood to be airbourn
  5. yes it's all going to plan - right ? constant deflection from the current massive cluster #### from you Mr Anutin and you and your boss Prayuth are 100% responsible .......... no one else
  6. is that really what you need to be focused on right now - seriously ????? what a plonker
  7. what a piece of work this guy is why is he not being sacked I have a feeling there will be a reckoning coming when this is over and it won't be pretty
  8. it actually depends on the variant and the vaccine and how many doses - very fluid right now and hard to pin down - the UK and US are studying stuff like this with some urgency (others also)
  9. maybe you need to look at how deaths are certified in Thailand - this is not the west - a high percentage of deaths are not certified by a medical proffessional - only those in a medical facility are officially certified, in the UK every death must be certified by a doctor including cause of death
  10. indeed, it is very obviously limited targetted testing hence the consistent reported numbers, the UK with similar population were testing 1 million daily
  11. convenience stores still closed at 11pm ......................................for what ?
  12. there seems to be an idea that it might be because it doesn't react well in people who have already had the virus and have immunity already - mostly younger people
  13. the cleaner might be ok once she shovels up the mess and watch (es) carefully for what is left
  14. The Government is "PARLIAMENT" not you and your self appointed goon show
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