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  1. ok thx for the info and taking the time to answer my questions
  2. so could I also do this online without the phone app ? I do not have an ATM card (by choice)
  3. give her your seat like any well mannered gentleman would do
  4. if you think that is going to work then go for it, I rather suspect they will impose a time limit on when you can re-apply, maybe 6-12 months
  5. can someone explain how the Deemoney transfer works, I have a Bangkok Bank account here in Thailand - how do you transfer the money to Deemoney to facilitate the transfer out of the country
  6. it might work for your next extension application and they will take your money to facilitate - but come the next renewal the following year when they check your bank to see if you complied with the rules the previous 12 months (and you obviously didn't) - what then ?, if your agent cannot bribe your next extension then you are shafted.
  7. unfortunately if there was ever a time to call a snap General Election - it is now we have a group of elected MP's that got a seat in Parliament based on their respective party manifesto's - the same group of people that are calling for another referendum because they keep saying - 1. people didn't know what they were voting for 2. things have changed - well yes things have changed - you just cancelled the ticket that got you a seat - so on principle alone you (the defectors) need to stand by your convictions and get a mandate from the people that put you in this privileged position and get approval from them for what you are doing - hypocrisy has just hit an all new high if they don't
  8. we take pride in our nation and remove the German shackles to allow the UK to trade and compete on the world stage - the Germans/EU worst nightmare yes we will continue to buy German cars and French wine but we will do it as a free Nation - if they don't like that arrangement then tough The thing we refer to as the EU went from a Trading partnership (which was fine) to a Political power grab dictatorship and now heading towards a Military empire - lets get back to trading together and see were it goes from there - it really is history repeating itself - I hope I am wrong but the track record and history of humanity is quite dire - have we moved on ? I don't think so
  9. apart from the assault - this news topic highlights another serious issue in Pattaya, Drunk MB taxi riders - something that from experience is rampant in Pataya What is the point of leaving my motorbike at home when going out drinking when many (not all) of the MB Taxi drivers are plastered especially after midnight, police should be doing random checks at taxi ranks
  10. A bit harsh I think, as usual in Thailand the punishment rarely fits the crime, this is just petty fooling around, they should concentrate their efforts on the things that contribute most to the carnage on the roads like mobile phone use and alcohol
  11. I think Hammond is a very capable Chancellor, but we are at critical stage and he should stop undermining TM and keep his mouth shut.
  12. so he looked down the Launcher barrel of a huge projectile that was already triggered/ignited I do know what I could say but won't RIP
  13. accusations of rape are always going to be extremely difficult - it is the same all over the world, evidence must be produced that corroborates her story, although in Thailand that is unlikely to happen as the primary motivation is usually money, this guy is in a very difficult position no matter how this went down - one thing for sure, it would be wrong for the police to just take her word for it.
  14. Corbyn is a puppet, he spends 6 days a week preparing his PMQT speech which consists of shouting down and mouthing off some incoherent nonsense at TM, he is a vile excuse for a man and an idiot
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