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  1. I will give you a chance of a job if you suck my ……. does that sound right to you ? yes some people might think that is ok - they should be locked up too
  2. so you think what he did was ok - like a win win this ugly fat bastd used his position of power and influence to have his way and if you believe what some are saying - it was rape Happens everywhere with people in positions doesn't make it right funny thing is - old fat ugly farangs - it could be argued are also victims of something similar but in reverse lol
  3. The only people reporting tourism down are those that are trafficking and gouging Chinese tour groups
  4. Thailand might be giving the go ahead - but it is up to the governing body of MotoGP to decide - I have a feeling they will not agree
  5. wrong, evidence in numbers testimonies become overwhelming when so many are claiming the same thing - as certain taxi driver in London should not have been convicted based on your incorrect assumptions sorry mate I always respect your posts but you really are wrong on this one
  6. so you approve - thanks for sharing I will give you an interview if you suck (deleted) (deleted) meet me in my hotel room alone at 8pm - bring a condom yeah right mate - you believe what you want to believe I know for a fact it happened in the 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's - I gave her the job because she blew me get real mate you're way off on this one
  7. How did it get to Iran ? Do Iranians holiday in China ?
  8. he used his powerful position to abuse women who were after an acting career, worth noting he is not the only person to have done this over the last many decades - powerful men taking advantage in return for a career
  9. very valid point bunny - they don't But like I said - it's not up to them anyway
  10. not in Thailand - the numbers have been going down since first reported 3 weeks ago completely bucking the trend reported from all other countries - it's a miracle Thailand is managing this so well they have given up reporting "under investigation cases and testing" and just instruct people to go home self isolate and not tell anyone, they are right on it
  11. that is not their call it is up to the country of residence how they deal with people infected or at risk
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