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  1. This popular gadget has stopped again after a recent windows update - tried some very radical moves to get it working again but although I had it running for a couple of days it stopped updating again - I gave up on the gadget solution and removed it completely, too much time spent while MS seems determined to block it. So I took a completely different approach Since everything being offered by gadgets is easily provided on my android phone with various apps and widgets hassle free and stable I decided to explore using an android emulator and loading the widgets I use on my phone - sort of similar to having a gadgets area on my desktop, I started with an emulator call "andy" as it seemed to be the most functional for what I wanted and included the ability to use widgets, it is working very well indeed I used the same apps I have on my phone and loaded them through PS onto the emulated phone - I use an app called "Currency Pro" which allows you to put currency widgets on your phone homescreen and is working great, I also loaded several other apps that I use and it is all working swimmingly So I now have a small window on my desktop a bit like gadgets showing me all the information I want to see So far so good here is a screenshot of the actual emulator on my desktop, you can load anything you want on there from the playstore just like you would on your android phone and it works pretty much 100%
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