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  1. Phuket was already failing pre covid due to stupid pricing, you want to resurrect your already failing tourism - stop the stupid rip off prices for pretty much everything and start again
  2. yes there was a bashing - TVF members are discussing the bashing on this thread Like I said yesterday, this is likely to have happened because the tourist asked a justified and simple question - how much to soi Buakoew a 2km taxi ride, the official fare should be no more than 40baht (25+5+5), I suspect the tourist was quoted in the range 200-300baht which got an unfavourable response which was also met with an unfavourable response that landed the tourist in hospital
  3. try offering them the correct fare for your journey or what a Thai passenger would pay and see how well that goes - if you think paying 50baht to go 1km is ok when it should be 25baht then that is up to you
  4. yes he said - I'm not paying 200baht for a 2km ride to soi buakoew that's ridiculous
  5. not sure people living here would agree Health is more important than a small group of people wanting to profit from this debacle
  6. please forgive me if I missed something in the OP, pattaya is still 11pm, I just checked my watch after getting in 40mins ago and can confirm
  7. a good start would be to accept the ruling of international laws and stop being the bully in the world right now, so far you are just snake oil on pretty much nothing - just a lot of dangerous stupid talk and hot air - the rest of the world have rejected you - either step up or fade away China - you have <deleted> off a lot of people "made in China" still has that stain and you will never get rid of it - the copy counterfeit capital of the world Greed and cheap labour enabled you - a copy is never like the original and that includes weapons of war you might a
  8. sadly some people actually believe this ####
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