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  1. 44 minutes ago, Scotssing said:

    Being on a condo committee I reckon half the time we make a loss on the water as there are frequent water outages and we have to buy at some expense water from water trucks. The water board charges us for the water through their meter. The water then goes to the pool, the gardens, the common facilities and the co-owners. I am pretty sure the co-owners meters are not owned by the water board, but I am not sure whether the individuals own them or the Condo. If the condo we would have to replace them if they malfunctioned. Once a year we have to clean out the tanks both underground and in the roof. A member of our staff has to go round reading the meters and preparing the bills so all in all not like a house where you get the water direct from the water board and no other expense. The fee we charge for water I am told cannot be changed by the committee but only by a General Meeting of the co-owners. The excess of the rate over the water board must vary from condo to condo but I know if we tried to raise it there would be a riot from the co-owners  so as I said at the beginning we possibly make a loss

    interesting, surely some of what you mention should come from the maintenance budget

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  2. 7 minutes ago, ThaidDown said:

    Does your meter belong to the MWA/PWA or does it belong to the building and there is a single MWA/PWA meter that serves the whole building for billing purposes? If the latter then the price per unit will be higher than for a single residential building.


    As for 'government rate' there are several. If the landlord has more than 5 properties for rent then he can charge the amount that he pays for the water plus 5 (or 10) %.


    How much per unit (cu meter) are you actually paying?


    I need to check this 


    I pay 49baht a unit - it should be around 10-15

  3. 8 hours ago, KhunHeineken said:

    Thanks smedly. 


    I checked "show hidden files" but had the "Hide Windows Protected Files" or whatever it is, checked by default.  This is why I searched and searched but couldn't find the files for the gadget to add the Google Finance code.


    Once unchecked, i could locate the gadget files.  I though the "show hidden files" meant ALL hidden files will be displayed, but not the case.   


    I haven't got it working yet, put pretty sure I can.  I'll try later, or tomorrow.  


    copy my js file straight into the CM 1.4 folder and open it and add your own google sheet url and you're good to go

  4. 20 minutes ago, innosiem said:

    looking at the video, it looks like he was pulling into gas station as the accident happened
    doesn't sound or look straight forward but without cam footage, who knows🤷‍♂️

    but the truck hit the bike from behind
    in many countries this would automatically be the driver that hit from behinds fault

    the truck driver says he crossed 4 lanes - only possible from the far side


    not sure how you work out the truck rear ended the motorbike

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