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  1. It is 90 days from your latest entry into Thailand. Complete from with flight information and arrival card number.
  2. This poll is primarily for expats living in Thailand. With the new enforcement push for submitting the TM30 forms at each location you visit out of province and when you return home, the question is it having any effect on your personal travel plans? Thailand is trying to push travel to less frequently visited provinces to increase tourism spending. The TM30 requirements may lessen expat travel out of province. Let's try and quantify how much of an effect it actually has.
  3. Not sure how many expats are no longer travelling as much due to the TM30 requirements. TAT should, or someone needs to look at the numbers. It may be a good wakeup call.
  4. PM said it, so problem solved! Lol He needs to do the same for how they are making all the Expats feel like bad guys. Is this the new twist on Good Guys in and Bad guys out? How about if we spend our money out of our own province, we are treated like bad guys and must report our presence, so they can track us down. I though they want to boost tourism in the North East and Northern provinces. Theses rules don't make me want to travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Read the first post. This looks like something reported in the Cambodia News not Thailand.
  6. As today July 16, is a bank holiday, I assume Immigration offices are closed. What about July 17? I seen an earlier article that some offices are open this weekend. Anyone know for sure?
  7. Good news is there will be no military coups for the next 5 years. Bad news, to long of a list to post.
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