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  1. Don't these drug dealers know, never bring a knife to a gun fight?
  2. I am sure this guy has been fired from his position at TAT. It will be announced later by TAT along with a new predictions that 2020 will match 2019 in tourist numbers. Actually TAT will be happy when 2020 is over. All their 2021 predictions will show how many more tourists visits exceed 2020.
  3. China following Thailand's lead on how to treat protesters, or is Thailand following China's with the arrest of the student leaders and charging them with sedition?
  4. He is currently at the same address as the "Boss" that they could never find.
  5. They could make a deal with Prayut for all those in Thailand assigned to inactive posts. Soon to be a bunch more in the wake of the Boss and Gambling Den screwups.
  6. He is upset he was not on the brown envelope mailing list.
  7. If he says so, the new Financial head will make it so. Sharpen up those pencils and keep the big erasers handy.
  8. I appreciate being a second thought. lol Shove your card where the "sun don't shine".
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