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    A scam

    an idiot

    Any where in the world you could get killed for wearing that much gold.The spanish were nicking gold necklaces on their motorbikes in the 70,s and this nob thinks he can come to Thailand(not just Pattaya) and be totaly safe.

    Sometimes i get dizzy reading these crazy stories lol.

  2. I regret not going to school to learn thai,even though i can get by with my limited speaking.Still miss my son and daughter in law and 2 grand kids,even though they cry and shit their pants all day heheheheheh.(thats the babies)

    Miss my mum and dad too,as they are getting old now,but i made the decision to retire at 50 and 6 years down the road i love Thailand and my life too.been living with my gf for 4 years and its heaven,and want to live forever lol.

  3. Why not drink cider proper tramps juice in the UK?

    You're clearly out of touch with you Tramp friends if you think cider is Tramps juice. :)

    The choice of Tramps in the UK is normally Sherry or Special Brew -there are a number of these, not just Carlsberg. If a Tramp is going to get onto the Cider he may try a drop of White Lightning or Natch, but really Cider is not the choice of Tramps. :D

    Okay, I'm off to the local park bench and get smashed on my bottles of Chang, will you be there again today Sanook?. :D

    The tramps in ross,Hereford are scrumpy cider drinkers

  4. everytime i stay in los i swell up like a ballon,,as soon as i step off the plane my fingers swell up ,,next few days my ass and stomach,,if it is the chang beer then why can i drink 30 bottles of budweiser over a weekend in uk without swelling up like a balloon ? is it a mixture of heat and beer ? is anyone else the same ?


    So when you step off the plane you have already drank loads of Chang????

    If my ass and stomach swelled after a few days,i would visit a hospital urgently.Does your ass look like a baboon type swollen???

  5. On another forum there was a post quoting an update on the British Embassy website regarding Dengue fever, including the following:

    "Rayong Province is among the areas worst affected, in August 2008 the Rayong provincial administration declared the Province a Dengue fever disaster zone." No stats quoted to support this statement, although it mentioned over 31000 cases in Thailand in the first half of 2008.

    Anybody seen any evidence of particular contrameasures in Rayong? Having declared the place a disaster area, are they doing anything about it?

    I don't know, but I'm guessing that Rayong is one of the poorer parts of Thailand. Could that be why it's experiencing a plague of Dengue fever, rather than, say, Bangkok or Hua Hin, or any of the tourist hot spots, and also why there's a question about what (if anything) the authorities are doing about it?

    Reading this post reminded me that the border areas (w/ Cambodia & Burma especially) have a lot of malaria. I guess it means that governments don't bother spraying/combatting mosquitos at the far reaches of their territories.

    These thoughts then led me to the idea that maybe it's a good idea to stay away from poorer places and try to stay in areas that the rich and powerful frequent. Why? Because they don't want to end up in the hospital anymore than we do, and they have the knowledge, power and connections to make sure that at least SOME effort is made to combat mosquitos and otherwise prevent epidemics of disease.

    Not foolproof by any means, but following this advice would seem to at least reduce your chances of getting a mosquito borne or other type of disease, wouldn't it? What do you guys think? I know it's not fair or pleasant to think about - on the contrary it's horrible. But then, I believe this world and life in general are basically horrible. We cope by deluding ourselves about this reality and distracting ourselves with pleasant thoughts and experiences. But at the same time, it's a good idea to be aware of the dangers so that we can minimize our exposure to them, right?

    What are your thoughts?

    Rayong,one of the poorer areas of Thailand?????

    where did you get that from

  6. I still get bitten all over,even my fingers.Must admit i should cover myself in mozzie cream more often.My diet is 95% thai and the buggers still get me.The coil sprays are good but they give me headache if i have them too close and the sprays are effective when i spray the house before i go out.I never wear trousers or long sleeved shirts and do not intend too,so i better get used to them.

    As a test i tried some vinegar once and it did seem to work fairly well,but i smelt like a chip.From my point of view my bites are in non hair areas and white areas so at least i know where i am going to get bitten.Some of my friends do not get bitten so there is no magic formula.

    Has anyone heard about an injection that can stop the blighters????,possibly vitamin b.


    We must be twins lol,as everything you said happens to me too,even tried vinegar,but more so if i get a bite rather than to stop the buggers biting me.I have heard about an injection but after 6 years i get used to them.

  7. Well, I am not Thai, but I am a Female.

    I would suggest that you leave her well alone, and if she loves you, she will contact you in due course...

    If you contact her, which may cause a problem between her and her new BF, she will always blame you if anything happens with her new BF.

    No. It's clearly a test. The line of thought is: "I'll tell him I have a boyfriend and if he truly loves me he'll do something that proves he wants me."

    Doing nothing the worst thing you can do. At least follow up a bit to figure out if it is indeed a test or not.

    Thailand is not the same as the West. What she says is really quite often the complete opposite of what she wants.

    Think you have been reading too mnay love stories.

  8. The main problem you have is,

    falling in love too quick,as you havenever met her before.

    Trusting too much

    Not able to move on.

    A few years ago me and a couple of mates went on all these sites and had a laugh by talking to the same girl,you know what??? she loved us all after a couple of days lol lol.

  9. No regrets whatsoever. Mistakes made, sources of irritation yes but do I wish I hadn't made the move, not at all. There will always be things you don't like about the place where you live but if you dwell on them rather than the good points you will never be happy anywhere.

    What I dislike most is that is has become even more right-wing-radical conservative than the place I left. "Show me your papers.........your papers are not in order."

    It used to be a fun, relaxed place to live and retire...........that has changed dramatically over the past ten years.

    Others will, of course, totally disagree............it is simply my perspective having been here and watched the changes over the past two decades.

    You are right what you say,BUT

    more terrorism

    many farang criminals

    more illegal immigrants.

    overall i think thats why everything is tighter now.

  10. The lads do a decen job but i am still confused as to what they realy do,now i have seen the physical restraint on a tourist.My thoughts would be that they are there to assist in the handling of problems for tourists,as a go between with the thai cops.I would not be very happy if a foreign volunteer tries to grab me when he has no legality in doing it.If HM has got authority to man handle a foreigner then bloody well say it so we al know.

  11. Only a newbie(6 years) but many casual thai friends always smile and greet me with affection.The place should never be called the land of smiles when thais are shooting each other for many many years.

    No big deal if a thai doesnt smile at me,as this happens in the uk too,why should they smile at me anyway.

  12. if a thai pull a handgun on you..just pull one on him too..simple.

    Or move in close enough to turn his wrist inward to the point where he is either in pain or his wrist gives way. The weapon is then pointing at him at very close range. You can either help him pull the trigger or slide your hand long the back of the hand he is holding the weapon in and take the weapon from him. MOVE back at this point, otherwise he can do the same to you.

    After that, it's up to you.

    Practise with your partner. My wife loves this game. She has yet to shoot me so I must be doing something right for her.

    It the weapon is a long barrelled weapon. Move in close enough to be able to quickly push the barrel of the weapon as high as possible. This will either cause the guy's trigger finger to snap (lovely) or he will lose his grip of the weapon. You may be able to force the foresight into his face. You can then reverse the weapon and use it against him and his 5 mates he will probably have with him. Again MOVE back immediately otherwise it looks like something out of the film Equaliberium.

    First Aid is another good thing to learn. Three people I know are alive because I did.

    Be prepared.

    You should be a comedien,as thats very funny mr Rambo

  13. It is VERY important to keep an open mind and remain flexible when in such situations.

    For example:

    When greeted by a 'sawadee krup' I generally reply with 'wadee krup etc'

    When greeted by 'hey farang, you want tuk tuk' (outside robinsons suk soi 19), I generally reply 'hey you kwai, I no need your fu_ing tuk tuk, thanks'

    Now thats plain nasty.So you think farang is a derogatory name,thats news to me.Maybe you should say hey somchai,no thank you,i will get a tuk tuk with someone who not call me farang.ARE YOU THE GUY WHO GETS UPSET WHEN I SAY MAN POO HEHEHEHE.

    Now thats irony aint it mate.

  14. Official vows to get to the bottom of the case

    Koh Phangan police are crying foul over a TV documentary series on Thailand being aired by Sky TV in the United Kingdom, saying it could be part of a conspiracy to destroy the country’s image in general and the island’s monthly full-moon party in particular. The eight-episode documentary, titled “Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand,” first aired on British Sky Sept. 6. The second episode was shown Sept. 13.

    As a whole, the program tracks the travails of British tourists in Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Pattaya, with holidaymakers getting in trouble mostly with drink and drugs, and some sex.


    CONSPIRACY--------------------- PMSL

    This was happening in Spain in the 70,s man so get real.phangan is renown for drugs and debauchery behaviour form all kinds of people,not just brits,even though they are generaly pissheads.Have you been to Blackpool?????

  15. First off, I have never been insulted by any Thai in Thailand. Most have been very friendly and respectful. Certainly I've had some funny talks with some gals in Pattaya when neither of us knew enough of each other's language to hold a good discussion. But, we just laughed at our differences and tried to help each other. I guess I just walk around with rose coloured glasses all the time.

    However, I HAVE heard a lot of obnoxious comments by farangs from the US, Australia and the UK. Many times I've seen Americans treating working Thais and bar girls with disrespect. Oddly enough, I haven't heard Canadians do the same thing. Maybe it's just that there aren't that many of us in Thailand that I haven't seen it happen. I'm embarrassed when I hear farangs treating Thais with disrespect.

    I completely agree, I don't care where it is in the world I hate anyone badmouthing someone because they think they're superior to them, maybe because they're in a 'customer/client' situation. I think the septics can be the worst but my fellow Englishmen can be obnoxious too. They are here so why would they change in Thailand?

    Totaly agree too,i cringe when i here some idiot trying to talk in pidgeon english and shouting at the thai,because he cant speak thai

    Why oh why dont some people have a nice attitude in thailand and get on with a good life.

  16. Sorry. I didn't realize it was supposed to be funny.

    So, anyway, funny things Thai people have said.

    Our cook's daughter is an adorable 5 year old and learning english. We were practicing body parts, I would say them in Thai and she would say them in English. We did head, eye, nose etc etc. Until I ran out of parts to say. So she said, in english, "asshol_e". And I asked her, "what was that?" and she said it again, "asshol_e". I looked at her with a straight face and said, "No, I don't know that one". So, she used the word for bum in Thai. Again, I said, "nope, don't know that one". Then said to her mother later that if that was what her teacher was teaching her she needed to have a serious talk with the woman!

    Thats very funny

    sorry about getting on my high horse,you did say you wanted some humour though,and sometimes i feel like i am 1 minute from a banning and not realy enjoying responding to posts,it actualy feels like a robot is getting back to me and not a human being,and its not just you SBK,as you have been quite fair to me except that reply lol.

  17. Anyway, since this now seems to have degenerated into the usual Thai bashing/ westerner bashing/ other member bashing thread. Lets drop the nastiness and try to inject some lighthearted humor back into this thread shall we?



    If a katoy says hello to me i answer back in a deeper voice and say ow at mate,offer him a free shave and shake his hand,just lads together.

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