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  1. China’s Social Credit System is an example of what happens when an authoritarian government gets tech savvy. The system basically puts the entire billion-plus population of China under government control, with officials determining which citizens should be given loans, train passes, special privileges, and so on. Citizens who have negative scores are denied benefits. Venezuela was so impressed by the system that they contracted the Chinese company responsible for coming up with it in order to have them create a similar technology to implement in the Latin American country. ZTE obliged and created the “fatherland card” to help the ruling Maduro regime reward and punish citizens as they deem fit. SOURCE:http://www.visiontimes.com/2019/02/14/how-china-exports-social-control-tech-to-venezuela.html Further info on youtube - one amongst many - Venezuela is a sinister state,in bed with "sinister" leaders....
  2. OP This is a genuine attempt to offer you an alternative - IT IS ENTIRELY up to you of course, to accept it. It has worked VERY well for millions of people. {SNIP} Meet Frances Greger, Dr. Michael Greger's grandmother (in the above two videos). Dr. Greger says that his grandmother "was given a medical death sentence at the age of 65." Seeing his grandmother's health improve is what inspired Dr. Greger to pursue a career in plant-based medicine.{END} SOURCE Link Many (Maybe you're one of them?) will not accept that alternatives exist. However, my own humanity compels me to at lease add my own "empirical" experience into the debate you initiated. This comment by Sheryl resonated too. Building a fund to cope with what you (seem to) feel is inevitable will drain your resources. My bottom line: Researching, then modifying your lifestyle could well stave off heart surgery completely - as it has done for countless people (Me included)... Not everything in medicine is improved by a "scalpel" Some would say Hippocrates and his teacher Democritus are considered to be the father(s) of modern medicine. Hippocrates also is reputed to have said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" Good luck mate...
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