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  1. Not based on anything but my opinion. I think the moi interview is a formality and if you made it that far theres a high chance your good to go. The moi interview is 3-4 minutes and looks intimidating but its not. The NIA interview is more intense and probably where most people would fail.
  2. Seems he didn't know the process here. The cost is only 5000 baht and since the new government it takes roughly 3 years if married. The usa takes at least 3 years with a green card before citizenship and cost a lot more
  3. Think so March 10th will be the 2 year mark for me so i cant complain about the speed
  4. yes she said its been sent on and to call again in 3 months
  5. I doubt your wife will get a bank loan with no income. You can not own the house so you will never get a bank loan.
  6. Thanks did they call you because we were at the same meeting and no one called me.
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