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  1. sanmyintmaung

    Apple Store Bangkok.

    I visited Apple Store genius bar at Icon Siam today to replace the aging battery of my 4 years old iPhone 6. English speaking staff checked my iPhone and confirmed it is in need of battery replacement. He told me battery replacement will cost 1700 bahts and I can come back after 3 hours to pick up. When I came back after 3 hours, my iPhone was not ready. Staff explained to me that phone was damaged during battery replacement and Apple store will replace it with a new iPhone 6. I paid 1700 bahts for battery replacement and ended up getting a new iPhone.
  2. sanmyintmaung

    Money exchange interrogation

    SuperRich will exchange maximum 800,000 THB to foreign currencies per transaction/passport/day no question ask. You will need to show only your passport.
  3. sanmyintmaung

    Question on Taxi vs Resort transport

    Thavorn is located in secluded location far from Airport so 1200 baht for a van with driver is reasonable. You can also use Grab Taxi app to check the approximate taxi fare from Airport to Thavorn.
  4. sanmyintmaung

    Dtac refuse to give me Esim

    The difference between the Galaxy Watch and the Apple Watch is that the Samsung version is based on an officially ratified version of the eSIM standard, whereas the Apple Watch is based on an unratified version that Apple had to work closely with the likes of Dtac, True, AIS to get implemented.
  5. sanmyintmaung

    Is Apple Pay already available in Thailand?

    I used my Apple Pay registered with US bank account at local McDonald successfully more than once. It has no Apple Pay logo at counter but prominently showing "Visa Paywave" logo. I believe any location that accept "Visa Paywave" will be able to use Apple Pay from iPhone. However, Apple Pay still does not accept Thai Banks as source of fund.