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  1. had a guy in a car pull a gun on me once, after he suddenly swapped lanes and i had to severely swerve my bike. i made the mistake of using my horn. i continued on and he followed waving his gun at me and trying to crash into me. This was on Sukhumvit in Pattaya. I stopped at the Highway Patrol office just down the road and reported it, they just laughed and did nothing.
  2. so i guess the headstone will read 'Here lies the Pink Panty Pilferer. He lived a brief life'.
  3. taichiplanet

    Buying an old classic

    i agree. Try it and see if you like it. Buy the best condition you can and something that has been looked after and had a lot of money properly spent on it. The 2 Mercs look great, the Gullwing is over US$1 Mil these days. So double or triple it for Thailand!
  4. taichiplanet

    TAT shows foreign visitors by the numbers

    the amazing thing is that only about 10% of the Chinese population have passports; unless they are controlling the issuing of passports, then look forward to even more!
  5. taichiplanet

    import duty on used car

    would be a good start if Thai customs used, for example, Hagerty's Guide to value any classic cars brought in. A friend recently was interested in buying a Thai registered Jag XK off a retired Customs officer in Bkk, it was sold before he had a chance to buy it and never i saw it. Apparently he had owned it for over 25 years but i did wonder how he acquired it!
  6. taichiplanet

    NLA approves new Land Traffic Act

    which usually means that they will then drive around without the licence. Enforcement is the problem, coupled with miserly fines.
  7. taichiplanet

    REPORT: Let’s nail down SMOG CAUSES

    once the air clears, then it will be forgotten til next time; repeat endlessly.
  8. obviously overstay only a day or two as recently Big Joke announced that there were zero overstays now in Thailand.
  9. taichiplanet

    Chinese "charity collector" run over in Korat

    so, your horn wasn't working?!
  10. taichiplanet

    Dead whales on Songkhla beaches

    Sorry, i can't see where the whale is as no one is pointing!
  11. it is due to all those foreign cars, Thai made cars never pollute!