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  1. OP seems a bit blurry & ignorant of facts pertaining to his own vehicle. my 4 door triton has 32psi all round as 'loaded' refers to a huge weight and putting bags of sand in the back to smooth the ride is borderline retarded. fuel consumption?? lol im wondering if OP would be better off on a bicycle or employing a driver/chauffeur...
  2. @GeKoScmy answer was to lacessits post, was that not clear? @Lacessitand the fake/cored bars are real gold wrapped around tungsten cores, meaning your hardness test is pointless, dumb@$$ e2a - http://lmgtfy.com/?q=tungsten+cored+gold+bars
  3. whats the density of tungsten, the ACTUAL metal they use for fake/cored bars? oh look.... its 19.3g/cm3 does light bend around you, too?
  4. id say their dentistry and doctoral skills are on a par with their driving and logic skills. sub-par at best! #flame on
  5. bit old now but the 'proof of address' CAN be gleaned/used from your last visa stamp, assuming its an actual visa stamp, not an exemption of any kind... Ask the staff, i did.
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