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  1. I'm planing for a visit Phanom Rung and have a question here for all area experts: is it better to use Buriram as base or Na Rong is more practical? From what I could see online, the latter is more or less a junction of highway and main street, pretty barren looking, though closer to the temple. I want to do the trip at a leisurely pace, to soak in the atmosphere so to speak so I'm intested in checking out the town after a day at the temple... So basically my question is is Buriram worth spending sometime hanging around in? I also plan to see the Meung Tham nearby. Any advice and tip would be much appreciated? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'll be 65 next month October. Been receiving Social Security since age 62. IIRC, I think ubonjoe once replied to my inquiry (I can't find that thread now) that 3 months before my 65th birthday, Social Security office will send me a letter regarding registration (or what to do) with Medicare. So far I haven't received any such letter... Should I be concerned to contact SS in Manila? I'm total newbie regarding this issue. Thanks in advance for any tip/advice you can come up with.
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