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  1. I spent a few minutes searching Google with the question "Is Dominic Cummings' son autistic ?", and the answers were consistently that people who knew the Cummings-Family personally did not believe that the child suffers from autism. -- However, the child is indeed only 4 years old.
  2. DCummings sits at the right-ear of BJohnson. That Power brings with it both responsibility and accountability. * I have friends + family in the UK who were unable to say their last goodbyes to their friends; they were also unable to attend the funerals. I have friends + family who were at their *absolute* wits-end trying to distract their locked-up children. I have friends + family who currently have great problems finding appropriate childcare for their children as they try to return to work. My Aunt hasn't been able to see a single-person in her extended-family for *months*. These are people who were Following The Rules, as they were told to, and as they understood them. -- People have been making *tremendous* sacrifices as they Followed The Rules - they *need-to-know/expect* that Their Leaders will too. DCummings had direct access to the *best* childcare-services that the country has to offer. He had family + friends that could've helped him out while he stayed in London. He chose to place his personal-wants+needs above that of the general-public, and also chose not to care about how it might appear to the public. For a man with a great deal of Power, DCummings shows *no* Leadership, and also apparently no understanding of/empathy for the sacrifices made by the public.
  3. The effect of DCummings' activities is that The Great Unwashed in the UK will no longer be inclined to follow The Lockdown Rules. -- *Everyone* had "personal reasons" for wanting to break The L-Rules, but most people didn't. - One way or another, they made their sacrifices. But what they have learned from/had confirmed by "Our Betters" in the past few days is that The Personal now overrules The Public-Good.
  4. The Bible does not say that money is evil, nor does it identify money as the underlying cause of all bad things. The common expression “money is the root of all evil” is an incomplete and misleading Bible quotation. The Bible actually says that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” — 1 Timothy Ch 6, V 10.
  5. "What Is The Penalty For Driving Without A License In Thailand? The penalty for driving a scooter in Thailand without a license is 1 000 Baht (USD 31.48, 27.48 EUR, 23.77 GBP)." https://thailandtravelessentials.com/license-to-rent-a-scooter-in-thailand/
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