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  1. I confess I never heard of the O-A visa until last year when it suddenly had problems. I came on an O visa and had to extend for one year (actually nine months) after ninety days, so I thought that's what everybody does. I have the same financial requirements and I've been extending my stay for the purpose of retirement for 37 years. Still, when I go to immigration (and this was true at Soi Suan Phlu and Chaeng Wattana, as well as here) I tell them I am there to "extend my visa," and they direct me to the right place.
  2. You're being too hard on yourself. I would not think you were stupid for calling you cat "dog." Eccentric, maybe, but not stupid. Quirky sense of humor.
  3. Yes. When I go to Immigration I tell them I'm there to "Daw visa." That's Thai for "extend (my) visa." They know what I mean. I've never understood the reasoning of the people who object so much to commonly used language. It's like people who object to calling a tomato a vegetable, because it's actually a fruit.
  4. The term "pretty" refers to a moderately attractive young woman who knows how to use make-up and works at supermarkets, beer bars, shopping malls as a presenter of goods. I've seen them selling detergent in Tops, or Mini Coopers at Central. They're low-level models.
  5. It is the same with the U.S. If the consulate here issues any type of visa to enter America, the Customs and Border Protection officials at the ports of entry did not have to permit entry -- for any reason or no reason.
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