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  1. Oh, yes. And for the next few years they should be seeing them more often, as the sun is in a sunspot minimum. Means stronger electrical storms from the sun, disrupting communications.
  2. I prefer my hospital, but when I lived in Bangkok I used doctors in clinics. I believe they're safe. I don't know about the cost at clinics, but probably not much more than the hospital, maybe even less. Last September my flu shot was ฿590, but that was the vaccine cost only. It was mixed in with my doctor's consultation, purchase of another medication, and the little incidental charges my hospital throws in. I would guess ฿800-900 for the flu shot alone. I forgot to ask my doctor about getting the updated vaccine. Last year he recommended getting the second shot in May because the vaccine is tweaked to better handle the current year's virus. I'm over 80, so I prefer to spend the money.
  3. Ah. Well, that's good. I accidentally discovered that Line is still on my tablet, and now on my desktop, but I really don't have any use for it. My sister-in-law had somebody install it on my phone and then used to send me pictures of buddha images, which were nice, but not something I really care about. I don't type Thai very well, so never used it for texting.
  4. Ah, good there's an alternative. Line doesn't work on my phone. Too old a version of Android. Used to work, but then they made a change and I'm not going to buy a new phone for Line.
  5. This may help. They can dare to do it now, since the U.S. cut their overnight rate to 0.0-0.25%. Before the U.S. did that they feared being punished as currency manipulators. It's not at all clear to my what's causing the current rise in the baht, other than a general, world-wide recognition that the U.S. is governed by clowns, but I don't know if other currencies are also strengthening against the dollar. I guess that's why I'm not rich.
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