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  1. I'd like to visit Lao, especially Luang Prabang, but don't have the money. The good COVID-19 numbers are not my reason(s) for living in Thailand, just another reason to like it.
  2. I agree, too. We're never told about the number of false negatives, which is a real possibility in this case (she tested negative twice). The way they treat the current news false positives aren't really important, except to the poor schlubs who have to spend the next two weeks in quarantine. It would be helpful if they showed how many of the positive tests are people who show symptoms and how many don't. Of course, I'm trying to deny that she caught the virus in Thailand.
  3. I agree it doesn't matter where it came from, but I like living in Thailand, where we've had 59 deaths, as compared to, say, Indonesia, which has had 13,299 deaths, or the U.S., with 220,000 and climbing. That's a big deal to me. If Thailand has another 10 deaths this year from social transmission, that's a really big deal.
  4. I've lived in Thailand for 34 years. Initially I was on an extension of stay for marriage, then my wife died and I had to do visa runs for a year because of income requirements. My last entry to Thailand was August, 1997, when I turned 60 and was able to extend for retirement. In all this time I've never had a TM30, and Immigration has never asked for one, whether at Soi Suan Phlu, Chaeng Wattana, or Nakhon Sawan. Several years ago they did require a Thai citizen to guarantee that I was living at the address on my application, but as far as I remember my niece just signed in a space on the ext
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