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  1. My Airbnb 'landlady' not only did my TM30 at Immigration but also took in a completed & signed TM28 returning next day with TM28 receipt. I believe we do have to do a TM28 but that the Immigration need a TM30 before accepting your TM28.
  2. Moving back to Pattaya after 14 years in Bangkok. It will be my first change of address in that period & I would welcome any insight into how easy/difficult local Immigration is in this regard. I believe I need to present a TM28 completed by me but that a TM30 needs to have been filed by the landlord/apartment block. If they haven't filed online I will need to give them a physical form completed by the 'landlord' with signed copy of ID & maybe ownership document. Initially I will be in an Airbnb whilst I find my feet & understand my unit has an overseas owner, so I can see problems
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