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  1. And that exactly is the problem all around everywhere . I have said it 1000 of times already , the deaths are just a number , which we try to avoid , but it simply isnt always possible , due to several reasons . The real problem is that others who do need medical assistance , take up room in hospitals , and that room just isnt there . This also creates the problems for others who do not have Covid , but need medical assistance also .
  2. How come ants and germs survive , 1 simple reason ... shear numbers ... . The most deadly disease known to mankind is rabies with 100% fatality rate , yet there is a single case of a young woman surviving it . If all 7 billion in this world get it , im pretty sure there will be at least a couple of 1000 who will survive it . Bacteria are very simple living things , in fact the most simple things around which we call life ( a virus does not live and needs a living cell in order to copy itself ) . The adaption/reproduction rate is extreme , making it suitable for almost all kinds of changes . Bo
  3. So you never kill anything ? Including mosquitos ? And what about ticks ? Or termites which are eating away your furniture /doors / ...whatever wood ? Like i said , i respect all life , idc plant or animal , but i eat meat , wear leather , eat vegetables and also protect my home of invaders . Since signs do not work on some and taking a few out alive doesn't seem to help also , i show them the hard way . I not intrude in their house when its outside , they cannot intrude in my house .
  4. As i said also before , it is not the lack of testing to keep it under the radar . There simply weren't a lot of cases , due to unknown reasons . Otherwise you do get rumors and stories around which do say you got the infections around , even without any testing at all . The setting up emergency hospitals , is a big clue , having hospitals full meaning its there , something you do not need to test . Also now i hear rumors starting , true or not , doesn't matter , since they all come from different places and different stories , all pointing at the same direction , there is a big outbreak going
  5. We are indeed part of the animal chain ... but animals kill other animals , plenty of proof for that ( if you do not agree , check Nat Geo ) . I find it unacceptable to kill or hurt unneeded any living thing (plant and animal). If ants come in home , i find it very valid to kill them .
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