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  1. SARS outbreak from WHO : An epidemic of SARS affected 26 countries and resulted in more than 8000 cases in 2003. Covid 19 : current and going nearly 60 million cases 1.4 million deaths . So , how about that comparison ... Now talking a bit more , SARS was/is very related to Covid , both corona virus , very similar in build , and jumped species , like with all new virus . When a virus jumps species , things happen as the virus wants to reproduce and it mutates . In most cases of that species jump , the mutation gives way in such that we arent affected any
  2. Moderna will be around 1000 baht , Pfizer around 700 baht . Oxford/AstraZeneca will be the cheapest yes around 100-150 baht . In several countries they already said it will be free . Now only wait a few more weeks and with some luck we get our 1st vaccines approved and distributed . Will take a while to get all people done , but im hoping to get my shots around Easter 2021 . Most European countries will have done full vaccination ( those who want ) by the end of the summer or autumn 2021 , since they bought the vaccines in research phase .I know US has done for Moderna , dont kn
  3. haha , yes sure , no sun means it gets rather cold around here . What is means is , it can do it even in shaded area ( or parially shaded ) or especially on cloudy days , when it still very clear outside , but solar panels lose a lot of their power . Or on vertical spaces like walls , which is far less optimum angle .
  4. Do you at present time got a power meter somewhere ? If so , you can check 100% what power you need . Do not only think about 12v system , since 12v also will require higher ticker cables .For example , your blender takes 800W + fridge 130w , combined lets say 1000 watt ->85 amp , while 24v this is reduced to 42 amp . Also , wiring is near the same (except size of cables ), 12v to 24v only requires more batteries in series , 100Ah got 1200Wh power , while 50Ah/24v got the same 1200Wh power .
  5. Smallpox was till early 70s mandatory and this disease is vanished and gone except for 3 labs where they stock the virus for research purpose . Polio is looking great in solving that 1 also , since if i remember correct , due to vaccination program , i think they declared last year the 1st period ( 1y/5y or 10y i forgot ..) where no cases has showed up . When i went to Thailand for travel i took Hepatitis A+B shots , and every 10y ( if im correct ) i still get Tetanus shots . Vaccinations work , are mandatory in some cases , and has saved millions of lives .
  6. Easy to overcome ... sure there will be fakes around , same like there are fake passports , but not a awful lot . Most people do not do this kind of illegal behaviour , and if you accord a sentence accordingly , i guess not a lot people will take that route and will do a vaccination .
  7. Like stated , you do not need to take it , but if you want to take a aircraft you need it , like you need your passport if you want to travel . Nobody needs its passport for staying home . You do not need anything , except die . But if you want to go places , you need a vaccine .
  8. https://www.who.int/ith/ITH_country_list.pdf Still compulsory , and not against human rights . Thailand is on the list also , if travelling from any country which does have yellow fever high risk country , and is needed for anybody above the age on 1 . So do you need to take it , nope . But in that case you will not enter the country .
  9. It has been said long time ago , and it makes sense doesn't it . If you want to fly , you need the vaccine . This way , everybody on that plane is vaccinated and all special measures can be out . Also , when arriving , you do not need quarantine , since all people arriving got that vaccine . Anti vaxxers can do what they want , but they are staying home , or maybe come by land/sea and stay 2 weeks in quarantine with all measures as they are now . I expect news from the airline industry fast , like Qantas did already , and from many countries also , as soon as the 1st approvals are done .
  10. if you put solar panels on a roof , it does not waste habitat . Although this idea is very good , anything what helps is good , there are far better storage solutions then this 1 . Batteries go quick now , and new technologies are on the horizon ( going away from the lithium thing ) , and since last year a solar to hydrogen cell ( non electrolyse , straight solar to hydrogen ) a few panels are in full daily use to check the real life output and other possible problems (i can find the news item if wanted ) .
  11. Thinking about it , you want it to run daytime only . The fridge is nothing , any pure sine inverter will do the job . The blender is a different story , so you need a bigger inverter , so the 1 from above still stands . The batteries however do not need to be so big , since you do not need so much power . Better choose 50Ah or even 25Ah batteries like this https://www.lazada.co.th/products/lifepo4-12v-25ah-i1402982868-s3589714007.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.18.62c128c9pOiAiH&search=1 need 2 sets (8p)to get 24v so 3300 baht or around 6000 for 50Ah version ,
  12. They are dreaming ... they look at their own bankbook and think , yes they are foreigners so they have some money ... Even if i had 30 million baht ( which i do not have ) i would not think about investing that in Thailand . The only people who would do such a thing is people with much more resources and are expending business they already have . I do not think so many are waiting to jump in now ...
  13. Perfectly possible . Recommend same like above , 7000 baht , is plenty good ( i need to check if pwm can be in good use with lifepo4 , but BMS will be there ) , thats 24V so you need 24V battery Thats 8 times Lifepo4 , at around 1000 baht each for 100ah https://www.lazada.co.th/products/new-great-power-lithium-ion-lifepo4-32v-12v-grade-a-100ah-ups-battery-i1686100635-s4744416814.html? just a example.. plenty around . ( mind you, you'll be having tons of extra power for nighttime use since the batteries contain 2.4kW at 80% max ->2kw for 2000 cycles ( can be lot mor
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