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  1. US and world security ? No country has gone fighting more then US , creating havoc everywhere and on all occasions nothing to do with world security , but rather with financial benefits . The Chinese so far have not been in any war in recent history .
  2. Remember that all data and voice is long time recorded and filtered in US , just the same like it is done in China ( well in China , idk worldwide , but i guess it's the same) . For US this is known because it was released by Snowden . The way US is behaving ( the leaders ) , i rather take my chance with the Chinese . I like Asian more then US .
  3. I agree . No tourists , sure many will stop not to reopen ... no costumers , only bills . Once tourism is going again , and it will get going again , even if it takes a few years , business will start again . Might be a different one , but demand creates opportunities , and some people will take that opportunity ( and lots of others will try to jump in also , grabbing a bit ) . This off course is very painful for the people who are in it now , no doubt about it , but there will be light on the horizon . Might be 3 months , might be 1y , might be 5 years , but it will shine , and the longer it takes the more it will shine ( because less competition ). And yes , that also means the girls and boys serving beers among other things will be back also . Basic rule --- demand - supply
  4. In the city of Marburg , Germany , was a outbreak of ebola type virus in 1967 . Ebola is very deadly ( well not so anymore since they found a cure ) , but is easily managed since short incubation period and plenty of signs . So , it is completely incorrect to say it only affects African people , and also wrong to say it is worse . Huge outbreak a few years back was handled quite fast even in multimillion cities by a lockdown . All diseases affect all people no matter were you come from or what color you have . There are however genetic differences which might be more gentle or worse , pure genetic wise ( which can be by region if your ancesters had sortlike diseases in that region ) probably yes , under 25 your chances of dying by C-19 is pretty slim . Even getting severe symptoms prob is quite rare @-25 . The 1 thing you forget is that the -25y old can surely carry it and spread it all around and by so killing a lot of other people you are more vulnerable for it . Even 1 person spreading it to 2 others it goes very fast to infect 1 million .... so that harmless -25y old just killed maybe 100.000 people .... suddenly he/she can be ranked among the worlds greatest mass murderers , and prob the biggest non country leader mass murderer . R-value of C-19 is prob around 3-4 , without measures taken . So 1 person infects 3-4 others .
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