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  1. Getting back to my original question has anyone travelled on the Bangkok-Pattaya motorway recently free from road blocks. I just need to get to Pattaya to renew my 90 days report, I don't care if I get stuck in Pattaya as I own my own condo in Naklua. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your info Ralf, I tried what you suggested and got a message to say that I should contact my local Immigration Branch. I've held a Thai visa for 20 years and I've done many 90 days reports so I don't understand what the problem is.
  3. Maybe my best option would be to try doing my 90 days report online. As I'm not really IT savvy is there a simple way this can be done. As in signing the document and scanning prior to sending. Thanks. PS : I don't own a printer/scanner.
  4. I totally agree skeptic7 as my Bangkok property is 38 kms east of the city centre on highway 304 and the BIB's are there everyday except if it gets to hot or to wet and they're never there after 3 pm each day. Maybe this will be the same.
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