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  1. Oh dear. I forgot the garlic in the okra recipe. Three or four nice fat ones, smashed and peeled. It really doesn't taste the same without it. That goes for everything lacto-fermented apart from preserved lemons, limes and oranges. Also forgot to say when they get to the taste you want, put them in the fridge to stop the fermentation process. Olives are something I've never tried to preserve, even when we lived in Australia. I really like the bottled ones, and didn't think I could improve on it. I just wish that they weren't so expensive here.
  2. They are very, very good pickled. Top and tail them, couple of bay leaves in the bottom of a jar to keep them a bit crunchy, herbs or spices according to taste and curing salt (it really has to be salt with no iodine, it stops the fermenting). Weigh the veggies and water for total weight (without the jar) and calculate 2.5 to 3% salt. Seal jar, leave it on a plate in case it bubbles over, in a dark spot. Start checking after 2 days, then daily until they have the taste you want. The sweet spot for me with okra is 5 days.
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