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  1. Trump will have the last laugh when his conservative nominee gets seated on the court.
  2. Thailand announces plans to become the new bunk bed hub....
  3. "Allowing foreigners entry is risky for Thailand and it might be better to follow the sufficiency economy philosophy to lower dependence on foreigners until the virus situation can be contained globally,” said Dr Thira." Funny how it has switched from "farang, who needs them: to "we need to reduce our dependence on them"
  4. this highlights the ridiculousness of having a zero-tolerance policy for an infectious disease when there is no truly effective in place. This is an unrealistic standard for an infectious disease. With this as the standard, a case here or there results in people getting panicked and overreacting. developing an awareness and precautions for those at risk for bad outcomes if infected (the new normal) and having a return of regular life to those who are not (back to the normal normal) is what is needed at this point.
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