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  1. I could have gotten the sinovac/neurotoxin jab yesterday at my job. I passed on it. One of the office staff had paralysis in the jabbed arm 1 hr later, and violent diarrhea that resulted in her being sent to the hospital.
  2. " However, so far, no one can say when alternative brands will be made available via the private sector. “At present, vaccine manufacturers can only tell us that they will deliver as soon as possible,” Chalermchai said. “There is no specific timeframe.” In other words, more BS, just a distraction until the local AZ jab is available and then they can say no other type is needed...money #1
  3. so the problem isnt the lack of vaccines, its that people are not going to get jabbed?
  4. what he meant to say was "due to the public furor over the lack of vaccines here, we will let private hospitals get other vaccines than we make in thailand, but you have to pay a tax to cover the loss we incur from not profiting from each and every shot performed in thailand"
  5. wasn't there just a thread about the % of hotels to close in 3 months a week or two ago?
  6. what exactly does ready mean? I was last in kata in oct and there were about 5 restaurants open and no shops. most of the places there will need a certain critical mass of tourists before it is profitable to re-open, re-staff and re-stock. so is it fair to assume that in typical thai style, they will allow tourists in but not have much for them to go to? a few reports by people when they get back home will not encourage more people to take the covid plunge in an unvaccinated location.
  7. I live/work in siam square, and it is indeed a ghost town. In addition, siam bts station has just a smattering of people in it during the used be rush hour times Paragon et al. are similarly deserted even at lunchtime and weekends
  8. thais with the financial resources and skills needed to get a decent job in a western country are the most likely to not want to move from thailand. The biggest issue in getting a visa is the high likelihood that they will return home. A single girl without a good job wont get one, or will one who mentions she had a bf there. In that case immigration officials will suspect of them trying to get married on a tourist visa rather than the correct one. Having kids is also a red flag because she could ear more in the west to send home. I know several girls who are recen
  9. how is the fact that a person's medical bills were covered by their insurance news? is not getting screwed over by the system so uncommon in thailand that it is actually news?
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