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  1. Qatar are showing a daily flight out of BKK departing at 02.10hrs, for the shorter connection time in Doha the cost for economy is high at 70k+, best price is around 34k, but this is a long wait in Doha at over 19 hours............
  2. No, that is not what I said or intimated, I was replying to your question, which you answered yourself, however, the fact remains that the number of repatriations could be tripled, there is no shortage of space, the ones being allowed in with no symptoms go to a hotel, only those showing symptoms are being sent to hospital, a tiny percentage actually show symptoms or are positive.
  3. You answered your own question The number of Thais being allowed to be repatriated is restricted to a small number daily, the restrictions on planes that are allowed to land in Thailand increases the number that are stranded and waiting for their turn to be repatriated, they must get a fit to fly from a Thai embassy prior to flying, the embassies are restricted in their ability to issue these certificates, the list goes on. In my line of work I know of several Thais that are currently stranded, the restrictions in place by their own government is making the length of time needed to repatriate needlessly long, this can be solved. Plus some of the rules in place are ridiculous, we have Thai crew onboard Thai flagged vessels that have not been anywhere outside of Thailand, have had zero contact with anybody else outside of the vessels since mid March and the authorities are insisting they must go to quarantine for 14 days if the vessel carries out a crew change, this in turn takes up space for those Thais that arrive from overseas by air............. madness.
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