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  1. Although I agree it was a foolish thing to say and was undoubtedly incorrect and never will be, however, logic says that if it were true, it could only be on the day it was said, as the next day would, in all likely hood, have more on overstay that should have left the day before.............. and so it goes on.
  2. What a load of twoddle, how do the average Thai people benefit from the ban on the sale of alcohol during an election?
  3. Actually, the way that Thailand is set up there would be no need for a law to be enacted, all acts in Thailand can be supplemented by Ministerial Regulations and also in the case of the Immigration act, police orders. Ministerial Regulations are extremely difficult to track, even for Thais.
  4. The only way, if you can get her to agree, is to get a divorce that gives you the absolute sole custody of your daughter, with this you would be free to leave the country with her and you could also get her Thai passport, so long as you had the supporting documentation that proves she is Thai and you are the sole custodian. I know this as fact, as I renewed my son's Thai passport in December and gave them the KR. 6 which states that he is under my sole custody, no questions were asked regarding his Mother after they had this.
  5. I don't see that the announcement will affect her travel or visa, as she entered before the announcement and her visa has an expiry date? The way I read it is that any further visas issued under the freedom of movement act after the announcement will be valid up to 29th March 2019, it doesn't state that it invalidates visas issued before with an expiry date. The wording used is are and not were. It does state that those that were for an indefinite period would no longer be valid for ENTRY after 29th March 2019, it doesn't state if those that entered before must depart?
  6. There is little chance of Boeing going under from this, however they do have and should answer to some serious questions, of that there is no doubt. The certification of this plane was a little dodgy to say the least, it was seemingly rushed through and some corners were intentionally cut, investigations will tell if this is an attributable factor to the loss of lives. What it does highlight IMHO is that profit can and does get in the way of safety. There are a number of news reports out there that verify that Boeing did not adequately inform the airline industry about the major changes to the plane from previous versions, pilots were flying it without full knowledge of the anti-stall system and how it works, plus there isn't enough redundancy with the sensors that trigger the anti-stall.
  7. I was thinking, if he can make contact, of him offering her cash directly. He is going to need a lawyer at some point to get a divorce and legal custody of his daughter, I was quite lucky in my divorce, as it was as amicable as it can be, with an agreement in place and agreed, it doesn't sound like the OP has any hope of this, unless his wife wants to get re-married badly. The sad truth about Thailand is that in circumstances such as the OP's, the authorities have no flexibility to allow him to stay and take care of his daughter. I am not even sure if most of them even care.
  8. This is understood, however, previously you have stated that the child does have a Thai ID card and passport, albeit with her Mother? From previous posts then your daughter is now around 14 Years old? If so, then she should be able to go to the Amphur where the ID card was originally issued and get a replacement, this would be a start. How did your daughter enter in to Thailand the last time, on a Thai passport? You mentioned that your daughter could get a passport at 18 years old for her country of birth, this is probably correct, it won't help the current situation if she is in Thailand, as she cannot use this to exit here if she is Thai within Thailand and at 20 she can get the Thai passport alone, but will need the supporting documents to do this. Unfortunately you will not get an extension of stay based on your daughter until you are divorced and can show legal custody, so your visa options are very limited assuming that you are under 50, an Elite visa may be the only way long term, expensive, but at least it gives some stability for your daughter. As many have said, engage a good lawyer, find out where your ex. is and let them loose on her. As she sounds a very typical Thai female, have you tried offering her some cash in exchange for the missing documents? A hard lesson learned by you and one that others should take heed of, never ever let the wife have control of important original documents relating to your children, if she must have, then copies would suffice.
  9. I do not rent the house, it was the marital home and since our divorce then I can live there for as long as I like as part of the divorce agreement. Any proof of address should be sufficient, unless that has changed also. As has been pointed out, it is not difficult IF you know that it is a requirement, which I did not, as it never was in the past and still isn't in other offices. The point behind my OP was to check if there was some specific document they required, as the lady refused to expand at the time.
  10. I'm sure you are right, which does make a mockery of needing to provide proof to immigration for the purpose of the certificate, onward and upwards................
  11. I understand where you are coming from, however, I also speak enough Thai to be able to explain to the lady, it wasn't a misunderstanding, she was adamant that she wanted proof of the car purchase, which I will give her in the form of the initial order and the rest of the stuff the dealer gave me, in the hope this is enough. Roger that, I will be armed for my next visit. I've held a Thai DL since 1995, so no help there. Interesting, if all else fails, then I will do that and claim ignorance if it is picked up by DLT
  12. Thanks, but no thanks.......................... it was a rather an expensive car!! Worse case I will go the British embassy route, though I'm sure that I can give Jomtien enough proof one way or another.
  13. I wish I could, unfortunately the car was purchased new at the end of November and has been on red plates, the dealer went to register it at DLT using my work permit and was told that is no longer possible because the address isn't in the new version. Yes, I saw a couple of blokes with green books, this is fine if the vehicle is secondhand, as mine is new and as yet not registered, then it is not possible to take the book as this doesn't exist yet and can't without the residence certificate One of the girls at work has just rang Sriracha immigration to see if I can do there, unfortunately not, as my house is in Banglamung district, she also asked what it is immigration need as proof of purchase and was told that they have no idea as it is not a requirement in Sriracha, so it must be just Jomtien that have decided to add this. Strange really, as Sriracha reports to Jomtien!
  14. Yes, last time was easy. I don't mind complying in the least, if it is known what you need to provide, not only that she was extremely rude and flippant, I was extremely polite, well dressed (went from work) etc. but was treated like something the cat had dragged in. I will take everything I have related to the car purchase and see if this satisfies them, I just wanted to check that there isn't some new thing the dealer has to produce and doesn't know about yet. It is certainly getting harder and harder to hit a moving target.
  15. I have just wasted two hours going to Jomtien immigration office to get a residence certificate in order to register a new car recently purchased. I checked the requirements carefully prior to going and had the following with me, which is exactly the same as the last time I did this in December 2016. One of the drawbacks of the new work permit not having any addresses in it, is the need to get the residence certificate now Documents presented: Filled out application form for the resident certificate 4 x 6 Photos x 2 Copy of passport data page, extension of stay, re-entry permit, last admitted to stamp and TM.6 (plus two spares of each, just in case) Copy of two different AIS bills showing my name and address as proof of address. Original Passport with TM.30 receipt stapled in to it. Queued for approx. 1 hour for my turn at the desk, the lady took my form and copies etc. then asked what I needed the residence certificate for, so I told her to register a car (it did state this on the application form). She then told me in a very rude manner that I cannot do, that I need to have some sort of proof that I purchased the car, I then, very politely, asked her what it is they need, so that I could get it, she then told me that it was not her job to tell me that and to find out by myself........... I then contacted the showroom who sold me the car and they told me that they have never heard of this requirement before and also have no idea what it is immigration require, this dealership sells 40% ++ of their cars to Farangs. Does anybody have any recent experience of this and have any idea what it is that immigration need? Failing this, then I will take as much 'proof' as I can muster. As a footnote, she turned back several people who wanted the certificate for a driving license, saying they must have proof they have a Thai driving license first, which makes you wonder how on earth you get the first one!!!
  16. I am not sure that this would not work, as the POA has to be signed by both parties and notarized in Thailand, with the relevant stamps attached, most Thai Embassies are not authorized to do this.
  17. I don't understand the question anymore.............................
  18. Thanks guys, I am giving a company called Pest Control Pattaya a go, they are based not far from my house and so far have been quite impressive with their response times to my questions and same day site visit, have an appointment for them to start today, of course the rain may change that plan!
  19. As the post title says, does anybody have any experience with a pest control company who cover the dark side area (Mabprachan) who are reliable and do actually get the job done? I used Creepy Crawly for a couple of years with good success, but they seemed to have disappeared and I now need to find their replacement, tried all the usual suspects in the past and none were reliable and nor did they eliminate the pests.
  20. Well, after a good long run it looks like I will be needing to change the reason for my extension of stay from work to my youngest son (16). I need to get a good understanding of how to achieve this as easily as possible, my current extension was issued at CW and the extension based on dependent will need to be done at Jomtien. This is my understanding now, please let me know where I've got it wrong, or it can be improved. 1. My contract will finish on 21st September 2018, I'm pretty sure that my employer will be relaxed about that date in terms of cancelling the current extension of stay a few days either way. 2. Attend CW immigration and cancel the current extension of stay based on work, with a letter from the employer. 3. Head to Jomtien immigration and firstly submit a TM.28 and a TM.30 for the change of address (CW have never needed these), once these are in, then apply to change the reason for the extension to dependency. So the questions related to the above. 1. Can I submit the TM.28 / TM.30 at Jomtien in advance of cancelling the current extension in CW? 2. Will I have to cancel the existing extension in CW and reapply in Jomtien on the same day? (I suspect so) Is there a way around this at all, it is doable, but depending on how long it takes in CW / traffic it could be a stretch. Regarding the change over, these are the documents I will take with me to Jomtien. 1. Tabien Baan showing my son - original and copies. 2. Thai birth certificate for my son - original and copies. 3. Copy of original Thai marriage certificate and divorce certificate - This proves that myself and his mother were married at the time of his birth, therefore legalizing him. 4. Copy of the divorce agreement stating I have custody of him - This is not from a court, the divorce was amicable and at an Amphur office (Banglamung). 5. Bank book showing 400k THB - Do I need a letter from the bank as well and if so, does it have to be the same day? (difficult if combining CW & Jomtien as well!!) 6. Completed TM.7 and photos. 7. Copies of passports with previous extensions and original Non - B visa from 2004 and of course existing passport photo page, latest entry stamp and TM.6 Obviously my son will have to be with me in Jomtien, is there any advantage in my ex. wife going as well regarding custody? What am I missing or misunderstanding?
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