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  1. This thread shows the irrational attitude of posters. We all know the rules depend on the immigration officer concerned. catch an officer on a bad day and woops it becomes a problem.

    The fact that the old passport is no longer recognised by the UK government surely gives a massive clue as to the options available to the Thai immigration. How can a visa in an expired passport have any current value? Of course sometimes you get away with it but being logical suggests bring the new passport upto date and have the visa transferred..............

  2. A 90 day report is evidenced by a temporary certificate pinned for 90 days in the passport. there is no permanent record on the passport. Why on earth would anyone want to go beyond a certificate and have a permanent record made in the passport of a failure to report at 90 days. Imagine next time at the airport whilst some young goon studies all the misdemeanors.

    Pay the fine, get the temp certificate thereby clearing your name and thank your lucky stars there is no permanent record.

    I suppose next we will have posters insisting their driving licence is marked when caught speeding....

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  3. I went through the same thing recently. I thought I could be clever and minimise costs, as I was then going out of Thailand for a week, but it didnt work. ..

    On receipt of the new passport they (UK immig/embassy agency in Bangkok)) cancelled the old one. ...

    Then I took the new and cancelled one to Thai immig and I had to transfer all my old stuff, visa, extension entry dates etc across.

    I bought a re-entry permit on the new uptodate Thai compliant one. .

    Its not a problem just costs a bit more and of course it means more visits as some stages do not have a same day collection. You cannot save time or money, their procedure doesn't take efficiency into account.

    I asked at UK immigration if they were concerned about the dates on my passport. They said 'no so long as it was valid for that day'. It is the Thai end who insist you have excess time on your passport as it has to be not less than the visa etc. Running out the time on the passport messes up the permits the Thai immigration will give you.

  4. You see how less Russia respect Thailand. They send the most unimportant person of the country ... But yes for Thai media it's important that at least some one is coming.

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    Medvedev is the next guy after Putin, hardly unimportant and definitely not most unimportant. But I suppose by comparison maybe wields less power in Russia than Prayuth in Thailand who is president, prime minister, head of the army, police, government and everything else, even those institutions not yet set up, courtesy of article 44...

  5. I was bitten by a dog in Phuket. the local hospital wouldn't put in a stitch as the likelihood of infection being inside was too strong. Everyday they stuffed iodine soaked lint into the hole until it closed of its own accord ( it stung so much that when i asked about a rabies injection the nurse said she had given me one while i was gritting my teeth and hadn't noticed)

    this makes me think the teddy bear stitches were too tight and room should have been left for daily internal cleansing.....................back to the lack of experience at the clinic, born out by the quality of the stitches

    I had a check up in the big hospital in Samui and a nurse didn't know how to take a blood sample. After 4 attempts to puncture the vein she said she would wait for the real nurse to come on duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. these have some very funny answers but it is true we dont do much. Even mr bedridden probably is getting some infotainment from books tapes or online.

    the trick is to break the day into time zones.

    I like information, so early is reading non fiction and messing about all preferably informative, creative or real. Biographies, history, philosophy etc.

    Then fast moving fiction from the in residence library and trips to 2nd hand bookshops

    No lunch

    then early afternoon the European stock markets open and first the regulatory news comes out which is nail biting as i wait for the licences on products in which I am invested.. that keeps me amused or disgusted while i watch the financial world rearranging itself.

    between waiting for an opportunity to influence my poverty levels (using an on-line broker) I scan fb, emails, thaivisa etc etc

    watch old UK comedy or movies.

    Cook something

    go out to meet the regulars chat to new and old work through problems get anecdotal

    visit thai places of entertainment chat to regular thai friends, useless but fun, and involves buying extra drinks

    gets a bit hazy after a bit

    remote control takes me home...

    Read stuffy old books in bed (currently Barchester Towers)

    Every other day skip the alcohol selling places, so visit shops and places of interest as an alternative. I deliberately dont have a home office station so trips out often start with internet cafes with print facilities and trips to the post office...but all the time gleaning information and discussing it...

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  7. i cant see the point in knowing what the basic government vehicle insurance covers; the problem is that even the top up, I have comprehensive on a 3 litre turbo truck, which costs under 20,000 baht also is insufficient.

    I think my cover is 500,000 baht per person subject to this and that. I asked my broker how i can cover myself against a lawsuit with a rich foreign 3rd party and was told I cannot. It seems having an accident with anyone wealthy could lead to personal liability leading to insolvency and poverty...

  8. i cant believe the narrow minded viewpoints of some people.

    Logic dictates that a foreign marriage certificate is not recognised in Thailand before it is presented to whoever needs to see it. This may require translation, local form filling whatever. You could call this 'registering 'in thailand.

    A Buddhist ceremony may provide a piece of paper but it has the same authority as a foreign one. ie it does not get names onto the local authority register. Registering requires attending the correct authority and (guess what?) filling in forms.

    In fact a wedding in Thailand has three stages. 1) entertaining by the local wat, 2)Registration at the local authority and 3) notifying ( more forms) ones own embassy. If a visitor wants the minimum inconvenience he/she will only undergo the wat ceremony which has no legal standing other than family saving face etc.

    Having children is the same. The farange father is not until he is registered at the local authority. there is no automatic system for centralising data.

  9. Surely it does not matter what word of English/jargon is used so long as it is not ambiguous and follows general usage.

    I know of only one visa/extension used by faranges living here as though retired. It is >50years >800kbaht, I year stamp in the passport and it goes by the generic name of retirement visa. Is that ambiguous? I think not.

    Someone leaving the kingdom during the life of their visa needs another passport stamp otherwise the visa lapses, This goes by the generic name of a re-entry permit/visa/stamp. Is it ambiguous? I think not.

    Putting the immigration dept language under the microscope is absurd when we live in a country which for example calls soft drinks by colour nam green or red and whisky means spirit alcohol. Even the name Thai whisky can cover at least 4 brands Mekong, HongThong, SangSom, Blend. Every female is a sister. Splitting hairs over something as obvious as re-entry permits and stay extensions is distracting us from actually learning the new laws.........

  10. Hi Guys,

    I have opted to have my state pension paid quarterly into Krungsri bank here in Thailand. I was told the first payment will be the first 9 weeks due which works out to be 8th Feb 2014. So far there is no sign of it arriving. Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to transfer the money? ie your pension date is apparently the weekend following your 65th birthday. so how many days elapse after your birthday before your pension payment arrives here in Thailand


  11. 2 quick answers.

    1) Certain major events (!) would send the baht down. The problem here is timing.

    2) Medium term in the absence of (1) I would guess the baht will strengthen as a consequence of global money printing and Thailand's dev economy natural strength. Say in a few months...

    Copa had good strategy for reducing bank charges. Transfer £ into Thailand thereby saving the 2% translation ( exchange ) fee currently charged by Uk banks

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  12. I love it. Yingluck gives think tank one month to design thailand saving package. Wow if it was that easy she could sell her expertese to the world. In reality Thailand is now acccepting the world is in a mess. The only honest comment was that close monitoring of US and China is essential. Short term survival depends on copying them or get left behind.

    Long term survival means doing the opposite but how long can you bet against a collapsing megapower...

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  13. Amazed no one has produced a comment from the uk embassy.

    I got my uk embassy letter in october and the following week read in a pattaya newspaper that the uk embassy was discontinuing this service. The uk embassy was reported to have said uk citizens requiring income certification were recommended to go to another country's embassy for income certification!!!!!

    The article finished by suggesting the service may still be available at the Uk embassy. So clearly there is disinformation here.

    There was no suggestion that the service withdrawel was applicable only to sub branches. It clearly said it was the Uk embassy in Bangkok.

    I totally sympathise with any Thai immigration official who may have read this article.

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  14. Thailand can be a very cheap place to live. I started up country and moved to Pattaya. If I was broke and wanted to stay in Thailand I would for sure go back up country. Any place will do but the nearer you get to western lifestyles the more the price rises. rurally a claasic story is someone rents a run down house for 3,000 baht a month and lives on soup noodles etc for 100 baht a day say 3000 baht per month, water 50 baht per month elec free if you keep below some basic level ( not sure how to engineer the subsidised elec when farange is involved)

    Rurally any number of slightly overweight girls would want to take care of you and share their lives and your soup without any other reward. The problems start when you start throwing money around and to quote the original case study build a house no thai could afford. All my rural colleagues have rural gf and they have hearts of gold you cannot imagine. ( the crappy ones are gold digging in pattaya etc)

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