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  1. Back 15 or 20 yrs the drivers were almost as bad but they were at least aware of what was going on around them. But nowadays with the popularity of the cell phone most are completely unaware of anything except the little screen in front of them. It is almost impossible to see a driver of a car or m/c that the driver doesn't have a cell phone stuck to there ear or texting. Nowadays many times you see 2 girls on there cell phone talking to each other and they are standing maybe 10 ft apart. It has become part of there culture and many are addicted to there phones and think they can't exist without them. I agree with a previous poster anyone caught on there phone while operating a car or m/c on there phone should have there phone taken away. I don't agree crush them first time but 1st time i week taken away, 2nd time 1 month and if caught 3rd time must watch phone being destroyed. Especialy operating m/c, how many times you see someone going down the road on a m/c operating one hand because talking on the phone with other hand. In Canada now if you get caught it's a heavy fine and you don't want to get caught driving no licence or no insurance. police watch and enforce the laws.
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