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  1. I tried it in Bkk and I was not impressed. Menu is too limited and they don't have beef yet. They had ran out of ground chicken and shredded port was ok and I don't understand why they have to grill all of the burritos. I would welcome one here when they get this worked out. Taco bell in Manila and in Korea are spot on. One thing I noticed was the fire sauce it was double spicy as the US version, the US version is not really spicy at all. I could only taste the spice after putting it on my taco. Thanks for setting the "taco bell" in bangkok in the 90's straight. I knew there was never one before and we would make coffee runs to Mcdonalds on Silom after the first one open as that was the only place with real coffee in thailand back then. I also had tried every other American franchise to open in Thailand up until the crash in 97 when several couldn't survive.
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