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  1. Maybe sometimes, but not always, local staff often seem to make the rules up as they go along.Last year I sold a property and after deciding not to buy again for the time being I thought I would deposit the proceeds, not an insignificant sum, in a joint account with my wife, I thought it would be easy to open the account at a branch of Kasikorn where we both had accounts. Armed with my passport and her ID Card off we trotted to our bank for what we thought would be a straight forward procedure, not so. First of all I was told I needed a work permit, telling them I’d been retired for twelve years and reminding them we already had accounts there caused the teller to scurry away and come back with the new requirement that I needed a letter of recommendation from my Embassy, my question that what would that letter have to say drew a blank stare. I asked, politely, to speak to a manager and another employee who advised us that it was a new requirement from the Bank of Thailand. Suspecting it wasn’t we thought we’d check with Kasikorn’s HQ, they confirmed in writing that there was no such new rule and that if we went back to our branch and faced the same hurdles we should ask them the call the HQ and they’d be put right. I quite fancied doing this but my wife wasn’t as keen as doing so, so we went to Silom, where our account was opened in a matter of minutes. Now wishing to transfer the house sale proceeds to this new account we went into a branch of the bank where our lawyer had opened an account and deposited the proceeds and asked to close the account and transfer to our new Kasikorn account, “no cannot, you need to go to where the account was opened”, which was up country. OK can I transfer all but 10 Baht to the KK account, no cannot. OK can I withdraw all but 10 Baht in cash, yes no problem, they proceeded to stuff a few million Baht into large envelopes and instructed their security guard to escort us to the Kasikorn bank next door where the cash was duly deposited without question or hint of surprise.
  2. The Indendent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration has begun an inspection of the UK Visas and Immigration’s strategy for managing visa applications includes the ‘onshoring’ of decision making from overseas visa sections to its centres in the UK, and is now inviting anyone with relevant knowledge or ‘before and after’ experience of the onshoring of this function to write to him by 1st March 2019 with their evidence. One key element of the inspection is the ‘customer experience’, which is why he is making a call for evidence, I'm sure that some of you may wish to contribute to this part of the inspection, and probably will also have an interest the wider aspects. Without going into egg sucking mode, but having read previous communications from "customers" who feel they've been hard done by with various dealings with the UKBA, may I respectively suggest that you try and refrain from emotion and insults, but stick to relevent facts. Inspectors won't delve into individual cases but will probably look at areas where the procedures have not been carried out correctly and applications have been unfairly assessed, I would suggest that submissions are short and snappy, sorry if that sounds patronising, it's not meant to be Call for evidence Home Offices visa casework onshoring network consolidation
  3. Not sure why you're asking about the UK on a Thai forum from the US. Citizenship is quite complex it depends more on your pedigree than any criminal record you may have in your early years. You may want to have a look at some of the guidlines issued, at first glance I suspect you're not elegible, but I'll leave it to you to research in depth. https://www.gov.uk/apply-citizenship-british-parent/born-before-1983
  4. I currently use TW but I'm one of those who use Kasikorn with their Dummy Branch entry and no other details such as who the deposit was from, before I attempt to open an account with Bangkok Bank, did your contact clarify this? I think my main concern would be that if I started transferring to a BKK Bank account and then halfway through the year they didn't record one deposit as coming from abroad, then I'm scuppered for my next extension. Thanks very much for taking the trouble to do this and pass on what you've gleaned, I do however share others members views that whilst Division 4 might be taking this approach, others might not, or even indidual IO's.
  5. As a Brit I used to obtain a letter from my Embassy, operated by the FCO, that my Civil Service Pension, paid by another Government department, was of a certain level. Now that the FCO isn't able, or unwilling, to verify my pension from another Government department, I have to use another method to extend my stay here, as evidence from my pension provider isn't deemed adequate. To be fair I think it would be unreasonable to expect Thai IO's to have to trawl through various pension statements in a mulitude of languages, nor do I expect the UK Embassy to make an exception in my case just because I worked for HMG for almost forty years.
  6. My UK passport says "This passport remains the property of Her Majesty's Government...........it should not be tampered with or passed to an unauthorised person". Whilst I can understand that any vehicle rental company take a risk when handing over a car or motorcycle, legitimate rental companies would factor this risk into their business model and probably insure that risk. I certainly wouldn't want to risk passing over my passport to any unauthorised person, not have I ever been asked to do so by a motorcycle or car rental company. Hotels, under Thai Law, are required to pass on immigration details to the authorities, most of which can only be obtained from a passport, I've been asked for sight of my passport everytime I've stayed in a hotel here in Thailand, or indeed most countries in the world. Some people may not like the OP's approach to his business model, even though he's right to abide by Thai laws and to stick up for his staff who are doing likewise, but I think he's taking a highly profesional approach.
  7. https://www.svo.aero/en/services/in-airport/vozdushnyy-ekspress http://v-exp.ru/en/price/booking/?hotel=428&lang=en http://thailand.mid.ru/en/types-of-visa
  8. Probably the same person that used boat propellers in the Chao Phraya River years ago to force the flood waters away King Canute style.
  9. This thread will be used to publish information and advice from the UK Goverment which may be of interest to UK Nationals, their familes and any others who may be interested. This thread will not be open for reply and links to the UK Government websites will be posted without comment. The first one is rights and status of UK Nationals living and travelling in the EU, happy reading: Advice for British nationals travelling and living in Europe
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