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  1. Both were required to pay back the overpayment and both agreed a penalty to avoid being charged. One had his pension suspended whilst being investigated as it was believed he acted with criminal intent. he was using a relatives address, his daughter, she was given a hard time as she worked for the MoJ.
  2. Can we draw an end to this bickering now please. The rules are quite clear in respect of the State Pension, if you reside in the UK, or a few other countries, your State Pension will be uplifted annually. If you live in Thailand, and numerous other countries, you don't get any increases. It is your responsibility to keep the DWP advised of your current residential address. If you decide to lie, then that's up you, you may get caught, in all probability you won't, I know of two that were. Whilst my personal integrity wouldn't allow me to lie by not updating the DWP with my address details to receive the increases, I wouldn't criticise those whose integrity differs from mine. I think we all agree the system is very wrong.
  3. No, it's what it says it is, it's an offshore account targeting expats and other international customers. The account is in Sterling, it has a UK sort code, my State and Civil Service Pensions are paid directly into it, I can make online payments and transfers to the UK and even set up direct debits, it comes with a Visa debit card.
  4. Santander International is aimed at Expats and International customers you do need to present ID but not a UK address. From your link Expat and International customers We offer banking and savings accounts for UK expats living or working overseas. We also offer international banking and savings accounts for UK resident, non-domiciled customers. Choose the level of service which is right for you.
  5. Thanks Tony M, I was in the process of deleting, and editing, a number of inaccurate posts, along with some in breach of Forum Rules. If I've missed any please let me know.
  6. This can be an option if the child is under 18 and permenantly resident in the UK.
  7. The option of applying for settlement from within the UK is as a result of Covid issues, and is due to expire in July after which applications must be made in the applicants home country.
  8. No, in the circumstances you describe your girlfriend cannot apply for a settlement visa, whilst it's not a requirement to be married if you're not you need to provide evidence that you've been in a subsisting relationship for in excess of two year, that means that you are actually living together, so in the circumstances you describe she isn't eligible. For most visa applications the use of an agent really isn't necessary, though some applicants find them comforting, especially if English isn't their first language or if they find the process overwhelming, the use of an agent doesn't guarantee success. Agent can be expensive, and their are a lot of cowboys out there, if I was going to use an agent I would only use one who is registered with OISC, the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner in the UK, whilst that's not a legal requirement in Thailand, where anyone can have a plush office and call themselves an agent, it is a requirement in the UK, by registering agents have to pass an exam to demonstrate they are fully competent to advise on UK Immigration requirements.
  9. I've used the Bangkok Bank in London but they don't offer deposit facilities, their service allows you to send them a cash deposit which they then send to your account in Thailand straight away, you have to send the full amount not drip feed when the rate is in your favour. Nevertheless it's a good service.
  10. Yes, it's offshore and it targets expats, you do need to provide proof of your current address, and again if you move, I used a local bank statement, credit card statements aren't acceptable, or a mailed letter from HMRC. The debit card is useful as I can use when visiting the UK and can pay UK bills online.
  11. I use this account with Santander, my pensions are paid into it and I fund my Transferwise transactions from it, I opened it up online from Thailand a couple of years ago. https://www.santanderinternational.co.uk/banking/bank-accounts/gold-bank-accounts
  12. Yes, a non EU visitor can enter the UK, but will still need to satisfy the Border Force Officer on arrival that they are a genuine visitor who intends to leave the UK at the conclusion of their trip, and has the means to do so. You need to keep in mind the planned quarantine rules that will apply on arrival in the UK soon, but that shouldn't be an issue. If your wife wishes to settle in the UK she should apply from Thailand, though of course the Visa Application process is currently on hold. There is currently a process where visitors in the UK can have their leave extended until the end of July if they cannot travel home, and can even to convert to a long stay, including Settlement, from within the UK. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-advice-for-uk-visa-applicants-and-temporary-uk-residents though my gut feeling is that if BF Officer suspects on arrival that your wife is travelling to the UK just to apply to settle, she may have a problem, but it's only a gut feeling.
  13. Did you include Abi Tierney in your email offensive? Abi took over as DG for the HMPO and UKVI Directorates in February, she used to work for SERCO Healthcare.
  14. I’ll move this to the correct forum.
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