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  1. Further to the comments by Richard Smith, this prepayment card is only valid for the base fare and does not include ancillaries, add-ons, airport charges, taxes and regulatory fees, or other applicable charges, which are payable by the passenger at the time of booking. Doesn't seem very good value at all.
  2. Added guidance regarding your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Living in-the UK, applying from overseas Living in the UK applying from within the UK
  3. Air, sea, road and rail transport from January 2021
  4. As you're asking about the requirements for returning to Thailand I'll move your question to a more appropriate forum. I've also edited your heading to reflect your question.
  5. Each application is considered on its own merits, so a refusal wouldn't automatically result in a furture application being refused, unless the decision maker could prove that the first application contained misleading information or that the applicant set out to deceive. Of course the applicant would need to address the reasons for refusal in any subsequent application. As I mentioned yesterday the burden of proof differs according the the type of visa.
  6. I came accross the same problem, so downloaded it on a torrent, however I opened it last night and it had been corrected and was available to watch. My membership is due for renewal next month, about 1,650 Baht for the year, I haven't decided what to do yet, without the recording option, which I think is going to be chargable soon, it's not what I signed up to, though I do watch the BBC News a fair bit when I'm at home. I'm not sure that I really can be bothered to sign up for yet another provider, which would be my forth.
  7. You say you want her to visit for two months, is that what she wants? If by a more permanent visa you're meaning a visa to settle in the UK, there's no "stepping stone", if she's refused a visit visa, she could still qualify for a Settlement Visa if all the qualifications are met. As per finances, it's up to her to prove her proposed trip is genuine and affordable, if you're intending to finance the trip then you must show you have the means to do so, whilst having sufficient to live on. If she's paying for her trip then she must provide evidence of her ability to do so.
  8. I think there are very few responses to this question because I suspect that most people are aware that it is outside of the remit of Consular staff to make representations to the British government to end frozen pensions, and of course the subject has been done to death elsewhere. I imagine that there are a number of retired Civil Servants on this forum, most of who were doing pretty mundane jobs and supporting their fellow taxpayers rather than living off them, I doubt that many are on, what you describe as, "fat Government Pensions", apart from myself.
  9. Yes, Thai people can apply to visit the at the moment, there was a short time earlier in the year when applications wre not being accepted, but that's long since passed, even then Thais could still travel to the UK if they already had a visa. Your friend is probably aware that returning home to Thailand involves jumping through some hoops, and quarantine on return, but many are also doing that. Do you think it's really wise to travel at the moment though, given the current restrictions in the UK?
  10. Didn't about 3m more Americans vote for Clinton than Trump in 2016, how can that be democratic?
  11. I doubt very much if they will refund the cost of the application fee. They would probably say that the fee covers the cost of processing her application, that procedure was completed and her visa was issued. I suspect they would say that there was no restriction on Thai people traveling to the UK, and that many did even during the lockdown and continued to do when self isolation was a requirement for travelers from Thailand. Their fall back position would probably be that disinclination to travel isn’t grounds for a refund of the fee or for the visa validity to be extended, you
  12. Whilst I suspect the sending of "Life Certificates" by the DWP is not really a Consular issue, you will be aware that this annual round of sending them to State Pensioners, via a Dutch discount mail company, can result in pensions being suspended if certificates are not returned, even if the pensioner hasn't actually received the certificate for completion. I for one am still waiting for the certificate that was allegedly sent to me in 2019 to be deliverd, as I am for the certificate that was sent to me in early August. Thankfully with the advent of expat forums, like Thaivisa.com,
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