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  1. In your case: Evidence of your sponsor’s immigration status/ permission to be in the UK This could be copies of: * bio-data pages from their passport or Travel Document * valid UK visa or UK stamp from their passports * Home Office letter confirming their permission to stay in the UK For the applicant: Previous passports, these are to show your previous travel history In days gone by the actual passports of the applicant needed to be provided but as now the passports are scanned I would copy all pages that would show that there's no adverse travel history. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/270197/sup-docs-settlement.pdf
  2. A settlement visa to where, and passport of who?
  3. No, the cash savings has always been £65k, assuming that the child holds a British passport. You mention that you may go back first with your daughter, again I'm assuming she's British, and seek a job, once you've been in employment for six months, in a position that meets the minimum income requirements, then you can sponsor your wife.
  4. It's not difficult. if you meet the financial and other requirements, language and TB tests, accomodation in the UK, she'll be granted a visa.
  5. If you legally married in Thailand, then you're marriage is legal and recognised by the UK authorities. Make sure you obtain a translation of your marriage certificate.
  6. Tom I've suggested a couple of alterations to tidy it up a bit, as always it's up to you guys. As the letter is in English you need to ensure that dad can answer in English if a member of the UKVI team in Bangkok call for clarification, of course include a telephone number with the address on the letter, and ensure he's aware of the contents of the letter. Don't worry if it's not on headed paper, it's better if it's printed though. Does your gf have a valid visa for Cyprus, bearing in mind any possible Brexit problems? Tom employee letter.doc
  7. The fact that you're "considerd by many rich" is immaterial, it's your wife that had to prove she had a compelling reason to visit the UK on a regular basis and had strong ties to her own country. The UKVI website is very clear that if a longer term visa isn't considered appropriate then a shorter term visa can be issued and there is no refund of the higher application fee. It has to be said that such decisions aren't taken lightly, yours is the first I've come across, and have to be authorised by an Entry Clearance Manager, I too would be interested in the reasons. Regarding the "true fact" that "they issue more visas to Nigerians than Asians", that simply isn't the case, and whilst it's not really what this thread is about, in the latest figures published by the UKVI, for 2018, it reports that 82,780 visas were issued to Nigerians whilst 1,765,856 visas were issued to Asians
  8. International agreements if the UK leaves the EU without a deal
  9. My girlfriend obtained two six month visas, then a two year visa before applying for and being issued with a five year visa as my wife, she had no problems obtaining any of them. I'm aware of a number people who have successfully applied for longer term visas, even ones with a ten year validity. We had the same thinking as yourself, that whilst they were not necessarily cost effective the longer term visas would allow to travel at short notice if required, thankfully our trips have only been social. I understand that, at least when we applied, the UKVI preffered to issue longer term visas, less processing and more revenue, but the applicant still needs to prove strong ties to Thailand as well as the need to visit regularBly, she will still need to satisfy Border Force Officers that she's a genuine visitor, we've never had a problem with this.
  10. The NHS Surcharge and Language requirements only apply for visas which allow holders to remain in the UK for longer than six months, a Fiancée visa only allows the holder to marry and remain in the UK for up to six months. After you're married, and assuming she wants to then settle in the UK, she will then need to apply for Further Leave to Remain, it's at this stage she'll need to satisfy the language and financial requirements.
  11. My local HomePro certainly accepts it, the local Index Living Mall didn't accept it, but started doing so recently, got an email when they came on board, I seem to recall that Index in Bangkok always accepted them. Usually use mine at Gourmet Market, Lotus and Villa, hotels and for flights, building up points slowly but surely.
  12. Though DMK is listed on their main page, it's not shown on the drop down box in the online booking section, maybe you can book via email though a number of companies dropped DMK.
  13. Post in breach of Forum Rules removed: English is the only acceptable language anywhere on ThaiVisa including Classifieds, except within the Thai language forum, where of course using Thai is allowed. Short Thai translation of technical terms is permitted in specialty forums.
  14. I'd certainly go along with the advice of getting him a UK passport as well, as the previous poster has said it gets round the UK Visa issue, in fact if he's entitled to British nationality, by virtue of you being his father, he shouldn't be issued with a UK Visa, no doubt you were intending to mention the fact in his application, so not something you could ignore.
  15. Flame insulting people with a different view to his removed, along with quoted response.
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