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  1. I have the CB735 from carryboy for 13 years. I'm happy with it , it keeps luggage dry . The lock broke after 10 years though and I'm too cheap to replace it (1000 B). The box was 8000 B back in the day. Full cover for the bedliner is better but was >20k . http://www.carryboyaccessories.com/utility-box/
  2. It sure took a turn for the worse !! This week and certainly today. Wasn't it prohibited to burn from febr 1 ? So huddle around the airpurifier all day ?
  3. With 95.000 km /7 year old car , the aircon is not as cool as it once was. At isuzu , they don't do aircon. All around Thailand , you see these signs for "AIR" , from roadside shacks to improvised workplaces, complete with de double pressure gauges and blue can of 134a. Went to see a couple of them , prices from 400 B in my neck of the woods, but no-one speaks english and my thai is not enough for this kind of information. It looks like every thai with a pressure gauge , thinks he's an aircon man. Now I see on youtube video's about car aircon , and it is not that simple as changing oil...
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