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  1. "square meters" ??? I only need a little to make a casing for electronics. Without the corona thing , I'd be in europe now or next spring and there I still have some 1 and 2 mm in the basement or go to the DIY store . Since leaving Thailand is not possible ( or rather returning is ) , I try to find it here .
  2. The first three are implied when I show the paper. And "kun roo suu thinai" takes care of the 4th. I get the "mai roo" . The big companies don't sell small sheets to me. I need retail.
  3. I speak a little thai , but I have written aluminium sheet in thai on a paper and show it to them. I haven't seen any workplaces that make those aluminum kitchen storage units.
  4. Is the shop where you bought it a chain store ? What's it's name. I need aluminium sheet too (1 to 2 mm thick) , and can't find it at global house nor Home pro. I asked local hardware shops and workplaces where they make aluminium windows, but they didn't have it. Seems hard to find in thailand , maybe China .. http://www.aluminumhm.com/products/aluminumsheet/
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