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  1. Great news for you! Where are you from? My Belgian friend told me it's going to take months before he can return.
  2. Boucherie Jean-Pierre on Soi 88 has delicious Toulouse sausages, but I haven't tried any other types. Hua Hin Ham Bacon & Meat on Soi 41 is very popular, too.
  3. There are a lot of homes for rent here. If you've got your area narrowed down, I'd guess it will only take a few days to find at least a temporary place to stay. Again, good luck.
  4. As has been said before many times... it's pretty easy. You drive into town and stay at a hotel for a few days. During that time, you scout the areas you prefer (close to school, etc.) for FOR RENT signs. You look and then find a place. Then, you move the family in and start your search for something better, if you prefer. Also, you can check local real estate sites before you come, like DD Property, etc. for rentals. Good luck & Welcome!
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