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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't yet gone down the rabbit hole of cryptos, but it makes sense there'd be some combination that could get me there. The fees, fluctuations, and unsure tax consequences kind of scare me. That's why I liked this solution in that it simplifies the process. I thought I might even dabble a bit, once comfortable.
  2. Actually as of now, the service is very limited, as I mentioned above, in the US you need to be a resident of NJ. I am a long time resident of Thailand, and I do have a need to send money out, but the options in general are very limited. I have figured out a way other than direct wires from Thai banks, but it's convoluted and who knows how long it will continue. Kasikorn has a K+ app that has an international transfer option. I've tried to use it a few times, but it never works. Support only tells me to try it again, smh. I don't like going into the bank for transfers because they make me feel uncomfortable, and anyway I think the rates are not great.
  3. I'm a programmer and have taught computers in high school here in the past, so maybe I'm also good to go. Thanks. I'll check into that program.
  4. This is my sixth year as a lecturer. Recently, there have been rumors of Rajabhat universities being low on funding. I have also been told that our pool of students here is dwindling due to decreasing enrollments. Our latest department hire has been given a 6 month contract instead of 1 year. So, when I was told many of us are being required to record video lessons for a new GED online curriculum, and for free, I have begun to worry a bit about our department's survival. Personally, I have already spent about 2 days on this project, thought it was done, but find out they want it recorded again. I am not happy about this work for a few obvious reasons. I have never been asked to do extra work here for free. Sure, I've done charity with no complaint. This, however, is very time-consuming and is being asked at a point in the semester where I have very little free time as it is. I question whether this work is even validly part of my job duties, since I was never hired to teach on video or online. I actually don't like the idea of having videos forever on the internet and prefer my teaching sessions to be unique experiences. I can't get any straight answers about it from my immediate "handler" up to my boss and above. I figure if I go through with it, they could very well be planning to use these videos to obsolete my job. This would really be underhanded on their part. If I refuse to do it, of course this will be a black mark against me IF I make it to contact renewal time again in 10 months. I don't know what I'm trying to accomplish by posting here. Sharing in case anyone is having a similar experience and also thinking it through out loud, so to speak.
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