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  1. I've just remembered, the smell also comes out of the drain in the bathroom (not the toilet, but the water drain). Not sure if this helps identifying if its septic or sink/trap related?
  2. This sounds like it could be type of stuff we used before. Bionic, enzyme etc. I'll grab some and try it out, thanks
  3. Thanks for the tip, but again I've tired this one many times and again the smell will come back after a few days. I'm not sure the difference between sink or septic smell. It just smells like drains to me. I'll try the test, thanks.
  4. The kitchen drain in my condo emits a bad smell when running water in it, and nothing we have tried over the years keeps the smell away for long. However, one day the condo maintenance guy gave us a bag of white powder to put in the drain and the smell went away and stayed away for about 4 months. When quizzed what it was, the translation I got back was some kind of Bio cleaner. The maintenance guy has now left and I'm not sure what it was. Does any one know what it might be?
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