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  1. Lesson learned. If you are ever assaulted, make sure that the episode is filmed. Then there is a chance the perpetrator will get punished. For assault and having a gun in public he would probably get away with an apology.
  2. Try downloading a barcode scanner app. I am sure they work just as well as Line. Most people use Line because of the built in barcode scanner. I have a barcode scanning app, but haven't tried it on this yet, but I am pretty sure it will work.
  3. What about the so-called "fit to fly certificate"? Or has that been dropped?
  4. TAT are trying their best to make it happen: https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/travel-leisure/article/3085461/health-and-safety-come-first-tourism-thailand-when-travel
  5. Oh I reacted. I didn't think it was necessary to write that here. I complained loudly, grabbed it back and made an issue out of using alcohol gel to clean it. He was amused.
  6. I don't particularly like the idea of being tracked so closely, but if helps beat this epidemic then I am all for it. The big question is - When or if will they stop using this tracking system. The government has often floated ideas of tracking foreigners with GPS and who knows what. Now they have a system, so will they keep it?
  7. The security guard at Index actually took my phone out of my hands to check that I checked in correctly!!!
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