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  1. Time the Western world responds also with a boycot on Turkish, Egyptian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi products. Bye-the-way: does nobody understand there, the fall in tourism will bring more to poverty ? Oh, wait,., of course,.. the importance of the Religion of Peace is more important than all other.
  2. Why I cannot understand the British focus on.... F I S H , 0.12 % of their GDP... I would worry about the make" industry and the financial service...
  3. And... this is agreed in the EU council, with members the heads of Governement of the EU member states, being the only cremium to make decisions ? And if... good journey via Lisbon to all other EU destinations. Take care you to have for your next stop the Schengen visa. Maybe a special allowance for Gibraltar citizens to travel to Spanish Algeciras and La Linea de la Concepcion and visa versa ?
  4. Does the Emperial British Government already published the laws the British foods, toys, electric appliances, sport goods, chemicals etc should apply to ? Or.. just copies of the EU laws and regulations ? Maybe BE instead of CE ? And BReach instead of Reach ! Of course no access anymore to the RASFF and EFSA databases
  5. Typical the British Empire: Want to leave the EU at any costs, but ... of course, still being treated as EU nationals in case of a travel into the EU. Simple: first get your Schengen visa, and then line up at the appropriate line... Your British passport cannot be checked anymore under EU laws, as YOU, British, so clearly insisted. The government is seeking continued use by UK nationals of the automatic e-gates used by EU nationals at airports and Eurostar terminals. The move is seen by the European commission as an attempt to keep Britons in faster lanes rather than havi
  6. If any importer into the EU brings merchandise sub-standard to the EU laws and regulations, it will be simply confiscated and destructed at the expenses of the EU importer. Whether food : EFSA-RASFF,; toys, electric appliances, sports: CE; chemicals: Reach....and a LOT more. Sorry, even during the times of Horatio Hornblower, a British empire supplier needed an importer in (Napoleontic customs) Europe. see http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20110801/local/new-health-warning-over-noodles.378335 One BIG advantage for the Chinese and others: per 1 Jan 2021 the UK is out of
  7. a) The UK will be out of the EU Horizon research programme too. "The UK’s post-Brexit collaboration with European scientists hangs in the balance after it emerged that the EU offer of staying in the Horizon research programme could leave London with a £3bn deficit. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/oct/22/science-brexit-deal-faces-3bn-hurdle-in-eu-funding-programme-uk-horizon-europe" b) FSA questioned about post Brexit food safety rules see https://www.foodsafetynews.com/2020/10/fsa-asked-about-post-brexit-food-safety-rules/ c) The situation around the
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