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  1. The British electorate chose for 48,11% for ONE alternative: remain. The other 51,88% voted for A KIND OF Brexit. When yiou see the results in the House of Commons, you see the same: never ONLE option of a Brexit got the majority. So, maybe.. those who want to stay in the EU in their own state ( Gaelic Federation, like Belgium), the leavers in their other state ( Single Kingdom ?)?
  2. As long as this kind of comments exist, showing there is ZERO konwledge about the EU, how it fucntions, how organised, there is in my view no place for the British inside the EU. Unelected… how many members of the Houde of Lords are elected ? How maany civil servants, the governour of the Bank of England, the UK representative in FIFA, Olympic Committe, etc etc etc ?
  3. So, it leaves to two options, when the Boris deal does NOT pass the HoC: a no deal ( and rejected several times in the HoC) or a revoke of art 50 = End of the brexit.
  4. WHY French wine producers will see a differenct competition after a Brexit than before ? There is just a small import duty on wines into the EU ( see 2204 21 81 10 : € 0,13 / ltr, but especially alcohol excise. That will stay the same for all wine origins. And for your fresh fruits and vegetables: good luck with origins so far away. However, the pain will NOT be in the import duty into the UK, but.. the import duty of UK goods into the EU.
  5. As you could have heard from Juncker's mouth: it is NOT him to decide about that, but the members of the EU Committee = heads of government of the EU member states. That UK NET contribution.. is just a partial amount compared with the import duty revenues over imported UK goods into the EU.
  6. As THIS looks like being the outcome of the Brexit, THIS is where 51,88% voted for ? ? This 48,11%.. is just a footnote in history ( English way)
  7. Can somebody explain me the phantastic differences between the "traitor" May "surrender to the EU" deal and glorious and perfect alternative Brris the Liar comes uo with ? Except throwing the DUP under the bus ..
  8. You forget there is some experience still from the times the UK was not a member yet, in the 60-s. Then not a fraction of the present in- en export to the EU had to pass the customs, on BOTH sides, with their paperwork, inspections, custom clearance etc. The biggest of the two will NOT be the goods from the EU to the UK, but the opposite way: 1 Nov, 00:00:001 the customs set the marker for UK goods under "third countries", meaning: inspection, VAT, import duty under WTO-rules, waiting till all is done etc, while now: touch the gas pedal and move. All British ( NFS, BRC) certificates are no longer accepted, so a LOT of merchandise is in trouble. Remind: about half comes and goes to the EU, mostly in lorries, via Dover. Just 14 days till disaster will strike.
  9. The Port of Immingham, also known as Immingham Docks, is a major east coast port, located on the south bank of the Humber Estuary west of Grimsby, near the town of Immingham. In 2012, the Port of Immingham was the largest port in the United Kingdom by tonnage with 60 million tonnes of cargo passing through that year.[1] With its Oil Terminal, Bulk Terminal for coal export and iron ore import; the Immingham Gas Jetty (1985) for LPG import; and the Humber International Terminal (2000, expanded 2006) for bulk cargos. Immingham Outer Harbour Roll-on/Roll-off terminals So, BY FAR NOT sufficient for all incoming and outgoing lorries with merchandise. Not important to be the port with the highest flow of all goods, but that of goods so hard needed as consumer- and Industrial components goods.
  10. Thanks to the import duty on UK goods into the EU, this deficit will be solved in a 1/2 year. b) regains sovereignty ? ? … please explain !
  11. That's why we, the EU, shoulddefend out borders in Mali, Iraq and Afghanistan. Trouble there means massive refugees at the EU borders. How to solve ? Hope they down or.. the DDR-system: automatic firing machine guns ?
  12. Unfortunately I muist agree with you. The EU citizens let their defense and secutrity be paid by the US tax payers and the lives of US soldiers. Even now the EU at max can achieve a ban on SOME weapen exports to Turkey. And Syria is a border nation ofthe EU: just a narrow sea streat between Cyprus and Syria
  13. Curious, how the EU will defend their two other pillars: after freedom of movement to goods, also that of people and of capital. As Boris the Liar is doing all to stay PM , he will not only sacrifice the Northern Irish (Unionists), but everything.
  14. 1) All EU decissions are taken in the EU Concel = with the Heads of government of all U member states, so inclusive the UK. Never any ruling is made without the agreement of the UK Prime Minister. And just as in any club, agreements are made, in FIFA, In Olympic Committee, in … Or are the British leaving there too ? 2) Control of our borders ? Between Ulster and Eire you want an open closed border ? / How ? ? ? 3) So, all commitments the UK made in the past, ware worth just as mucha s the good Friday agreement ? So, Mr Farage, and the other British.. for your out-of-job, retirement etc.. please go to Boris, NOT to the EU 4) The UK needs a LOT of products from the EU as no alternative, btu the EU.. has many alternatives to EU products. 5) I hope the UK will "enjoy" to be a "third nation" to the EU, inclusive WTO import duties. Same with a Schengen Visa, if visiting the EU. 6) Life,.. yes. but think over why so many want to be IN the EU. You British will soon discover the hard way.
  15. Cameron already came in Dec 2013 with his referendum idea. Nobody followed the question: what if.. then next...
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