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  1. For info, The sign at the Hospital which states "STROKE PATIENTS" may not mean what you might think.
  2. Alright, I can't spell Armageddon, but it's not the end of the world.
  3. Police recently reopened a 1980s cold case of an unidentified female murder victim. After forensics DNA tested sperm stains on the woman's dress they found 285 matches. The victim has been named as Eileen.
  4. The Department of Health is looking for couples who have been married for 7 years or more to educate people on social distancing
  5. Did you know the word Ikea is actually made up of two Swedish words? Ika, meaning Sunday and keya, meaning "ruined'.
  6. I've been learning German for twenty years. It's zwanzig jahre.
  7. A pompous member of the middle classes dies and comes to the Pearly Gates. St Peter scans the list and tells him that he is destined for the other place. The goodly man explodes with rage; "You must have that wrong; I've been a model Christian all my life! I've kept all the Commandments, I go to church every Sunday and always put £20 in the collection! This is outrageous! I demand that you go to God and get him to rescind this ridiculous decision! St Peter, a bit world-weary, agrees and goes off to find God. On his return, the man asks "What did God say about this dreadful mista
  8. I'm convinced 90% of the software on my computer doesn't do anything except send me notifications that there's a new version of itself.
  9. I've just bought a new mouse mat. That should stop them leaving footprints all over the kitchen
  10. Am I the only one here who couldn't really give a damn whether I'm vaccinated this year or not? I'm not anti vax, quite the opposite, and will take whatever is offered, when it is offered, just won't be pushing my way to the front of the queue, or running around in circles in panic, like some here seem determined to do and are currently doing. I suspect a lot of animosity towards the Sinovac one is due to the four letters at the front. From all I've read and seen, it does give a better than even chance of preventing infection, which are better odds than not getting vaccinated a
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