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  1. This fellow had been suffering from excruciating headaches for some time, and finally went to a doctor. After a thorough exam the doctor said "I'm sorry, but you have an extremely rare condition. Your testicles are twisted upwards, which puts pressure on the base of the spine and sends these shooting pains to your head. I'm afraid that the only cure is castration". The man was taken aback at this, and told his doctor that he believed he would try to bear the pain. But as time went on, the headaches only got worse, and finally, the poor fellow was driven back to the doctor and had the chop. When it was all over, the man was understandably depressed, and was gloomily walking home when he walked past a men's wear shop and saw a nice suit in the window. He decided to go in and buy it, and so begin a new life. Upon saying what he wanted, the proprietor said, "I'd say you take a 38-regular". "That's right", exclaimed the man, "how'd you know?" "Well, when you've been in the business as long as I have, you get pretty good at sizing a man up. Now, how about a nice shirt to go with it? Looks like a 15 long will fit?" "Right again." "Look, why not go the full hog, and get some silk undershorts too? I'd say a size 36." "There's your first mistake, I've worn 34's for years." "No, you're a size 36 if I've ever seen one". "I ought to know what size undershorts I wear, and I'll take a 34". "Well alright, if you insist, but I'm telling you, they're going to make your balls ride up the base of your spine and give you terrible headaches!"
  2. A good gym or fitness centre will adjust your belt length, however you appear to want yours to be shorter, so eating heavily will help in your case.
  3. This thread is like being on one of those petulant teenagers forums "I'm soooo over <insert mobile phone brand name here>! They changed the colour of the contacts icon! That's it, I'm changing to <insert different mobile phone brand here>! You survived without Taco Bell for however long you've been here, you'll continue to survive with Taco Bell minus beef and beans for however long you remain. Get over it.
  4. It's time for a few good men to declare a national emergency, lock up Trump, and make America great again.
  5. I like those fields of flowers. Similar to the Jim Thompson Farm in Korat last month. Fields of gold and a blue, blue sky:
  6. "Pearl Harbour, where the Americans were caught completely by surprise... 2 years into a global war." - Al Murray
  7. I like how you add a short summary of your post in the final sentence. It's a godsend for those of us who lack the time to read the whole thing.
  8. From the Oakley Thailand English language site: WHAT IS OAKLEY'S EYEWEAR WARRANTY? Oakley eyewear products are warranted for two years from the date of purchase against manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship. Warranty is only valid with a proof of purchase from an Authorized Oakley Dealer that clearly shows the purchase date. WHAT IS COVERED BY WARRANTY (examples): Delamination and/or peeling of sun lens coating Bubbles or imperfections in lens coating Premature flaking or deterioration of frame coating Soldering defects of temple hinges and/or barrels WHAT IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY (examples): Normal wear and tear (scratches or pit marks on sun lenses) Any damages caused by accident, abuse, neglect, shock, improper use or storage of product Damage caused by chemicals (hair spray, cologne, window cleaner, alcohol, etc.) Unauthorized modifications or repairs Loss of eyewear Installation of non-Oakley lenses https://th.oakley.com/en/support/Warranty
  9. But girl, don't they warn ya. It pours, man it pours.
  10. They always let me put my Rocket on the train. When the locomotive breaks down they use my bike as a replacement.
  11. I agree with the others, the height and width of your handle bars has the biggest effect on lane splitting ability (and the width of panniers/ crash bars, if fitted). Hand guards shouldn't make any difference. Some now come with built in LEDs too:
  12. Unless you can prove that they broke through a defect, and not "misuse", then I doubt if any Oakley location would repair or replace them under warranty.
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