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  1. I love how, when this story first broke, Trump supporters were trying to tell us it was a joke and he was fooling us and the media. Now though, when it has proven to be serious enough to cause the cancellation of a state visit, they come out with the usual muddle of responses trying to excuse his idiot behaviour, ranging from "the Danes came up with the idea but he wanted it kept secret", through "it's a perfectly good idea to unilaterally talk about buying a territory, and all the people living in it, and then spit the dummy out when you don't get your way", to the increasingly ridiculous "I bet the Chinese/Russians/aliens from Mars will step in and take it anyway, and then they'll be sorry they didn't sell it to him". And, let's not forget the evergreen "but, but it's Hillary's fault for running against him", with the additional tactic of using the latter as a diversion by those who see the foolishness of the dummy in chief, but never-the-less support him for their own right wing reasons. What's the bet that in another week he'll be bragging about how Denmark begged him to buy it, but he didn't want to, so they refused to let him travel there? It'll be interesting to see the knots his followers will tie themselves up in to support that.
  2. I saw this advert in a window that said: “Television for sale, £1, volume stuck on full.” I thought, “I can’t turn that down.”
  3. While most lunatics howl at the moon, Trump howls at Greenland. He can't even get that right.
  4. He'll hardly stand out from the crowd. Just another bloke in a frock on Walking Street
  5. His links to Epstein should be investigated as if he were any other citizen, and, if found guilty, he should be detained at his mother's pleasure.
  6. Mr. Papung 297 Moo 4 Tambon San Sali Amphur Wiang Pa Pao Chiang Rai 57170 Thailand
  7. Granddad's out on the verandah as little Johnny comes out with something silver in his hand. "What you got there, Johnny?" he asks. "Duck tape". "What are you going to do with duck tape?" "I'm gonna get me some ducks!" "Ha ha", says Granddad, amused by the naivety of the young. But, a couple of hours later he watches as Johnny comes back dragging behind him a load of ducks stuck to the tape. Next day Johnny comes out with some flowers. "What you got there, Johnny?" Granddad asks. "Fox gloves". "What are you going to do with fox gloves?" "I'm gonna get me some foxes!" "Ha ha", says Granddad, but with a little less certainty than the day before. Sure enough, a couple of hours later he watches as Johnny comes back with some fox tails in his hand. Next day Johnny comes out with some sticks. "What you got there, Johnny?" Granddad asks. "Pussy willow". "Wait for me, I'll get my coat".
  8. And this is what driving one does to your face:
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