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  1. @stevenlCommon sense also dictates that since you doubted it, you could also try Googling it first and if your searching skills are lacking, then ask for confirmation. Anyhow, this is going off topic so I suggest we leave it.
  2. Here you are, didn't take long to find. Nigel Farage, reporting live from the English Channel on the UK-FR 'handover' of migrants a few days ago: "...So here we are middle of the English Channel. We're right on the edge of British and French territorial waters ...A French Naval Vessel has been seen escorting boats out of French waters to get them into British waters, then they're off their hands. The big French naval vessel has gone, they've done their job. They've bought, escorted that little dinghy on the left there into British waters They've [the French] left their own rib off the Big vessel just to ensure they're safe until the handover to the [UK] border force. They're even trying to prevent us filming it with the French naval vessel trying to get in the way of the handover. We have just been told by the UK coastguard they will commandeer this vessel if we film the handover between the French navy and the Bristish border force. So it's not just the French threatening us, it's now somebody here I'm out with, they're threatening him with his living if we tell the truth about about this story... ...We were threatened by the French navy that if we went into their waters and tried to film what was going on we would be boarded.." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEW-nd2OsAo So the French navy and UK Border forces made threats to try and prevent the handover of migrants between the two being filmed and being reported on. PS next time try Googling it yourself.
  3. So illegal immigrants are washing up daily at Dover in dinghies and get a pass. French and British border forces are teaming up and ferrying illegal migrants of unknown origin and Covid status across the English Channel and this doesn't get a mention in the press until recently exposed by Nigel Farage. But let’s get this guy Cummings!!!!!!
  4. This whole fuss is just remainers' revenge for him getting Brexit done. As though other politicians haven't done a lot worse in other matters and not kept their jobs.
  5. Meanwhile elsewhere, man attacked by Great White dies of Covid.
  6. She sounds like what Thais refer to as a 'Manoot Pa'.
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