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  1. I didn't remove it or edit anything. There was no 'agenda'; I just copied exactly what was on the page at that time regarding the attacker's background, which of course is of interest and relevance to the story. The Wikipedia page was edited by its author after I copied it since the information is fast changing on this recent story. Click the Talk tab on that Wikipedia page and it says: "This page was last edited on 4 March 2021, at 05:52 (UTC)." so they've obviously edited in that information since I copied that whole paragraph in its entirety, which when I copied it didn't have the menta
  2. Latest clip from CBS news channel 04/03/21 released after the bullying allegations:
  3. "..The arrested suspect is a male Afghan citizen in his 20s and lived in an apartment in Vetlanda. According to public records he was registered as arriving in Sweden in 2018. According to neighbours he spoke Swedish poorly and no English which made communication with him difficult. He was frequently helped by a woman from social services. He had a previous conviction for narcotics crime..." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vetlanda_stabbing_attack
  4. You weren't far wrong. In Thairath today police identified the body as that of 54 year old building contractor and Thai national Subin Kethiran from Nontaburi province. His wife, Watsana Khemthong has confessed to the murder saying she killed him along with her nephew/grandson due to his constant beatings which she couldn't take any more.
  5. The UK’s police, security services and judicial system have already dealt with the return of hundreds of people returning from fighting with and against ISIS. Now a young woman has you shaking in your slippers. Not dealt with them very well it seems. Off the top of my head, returning ISIS/Jihadi fighters who went on to kill in the UK: Salman Abedi, the 2017 Manchester Arena Bomber, fought for the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a Salafi jihadist organisation proscribed by the United Nations. He also met with members of the ISIS Battar brigade in Sabrat
  6. From Channel 3 news: Police have issued an arrest warrant for 60 year-old Ratchaburi provincial councillor Wanchat Niamraksa, the younger brother of the husband of one of the deceased, Mrs Woraphon Niamraksa, who died at the shooting.
  7. So he was a doctor? Trust me, I'm a doctor.... PS in Thairath if I understood it correctly, they were injected with tetanus vaccine, not distilled water which he procured from India. Also the doctor concerned suffered from Myasthenia gravis, a medical condition resulting in muscle weakness, which should have barred him from entry to the army, so he shouldn't have been there in the first place. He's yet to appear and defend himself before a medical tribunal and the medical committee has said he'll be struck off if he doesn't show up.
  8. Panasonic FZ80/82 has a 60x optical zoom and isn't too expensive. However, you will need a tripod to steady it for anything other than short zoom ranges, otherwise the shots are unusable due to camera shake. Search the camera on Youtube along with the eg 'bird' or 'wildlife' to see examples of what it's capable of.
  9. Also buried away in the article: "Chaiwat and some park officials were also charged, by the Department of Special Investigation, with murder, in connection with the disappearance of Karen activist Polajee “Billy” Rakchongcharoen in April 2014, after he was last seen being taken away by park officials led by Chaiwat for allegedly collecting wild honey in park, in violation of the law. Ultimately, the public prosecutors decided to drop the murder charge."
  10. Update: Shamima Begum cannot return to UK, Supreme Court rules: "The court said in a unanimous ruling that her rights were not breached when she was refused permission to return." If she had been allowed back in, wouldn't have put it past her and her lawyers to file some sort of monetary compensation claim for breaching her human rights, all financed by legal aid. Continued: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56209007 (26/02/21)
  11. Shamima Begum: Supreme Court to rule on her fate The Supreme Court is to rule later [today] whether the runaway schoolgirl Shamima Begum should be allowed back into the UK from Syria. Continued https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56202315 (26/02/21)
  12. CCTV footage of the attack: https://youtu.be/YH9OxOr4vns?t=4 In Thairath from 25/02/21 they gave some more details. The WIN rider said the Chilean guy was drunk and kept pestering him to take him somewhere on his bike but there were communication problems. He told the foreigner to clear off but he kept on pestering him. He went on to say he has a short fuse and quick temper and just lost it. He accepts he did wrong and apologises for his inappropriate behaviour. Police said they have charged the WIN rider with assault causing bodily harm and if the doctor's report reveals an
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