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  1. Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself. Getting in early.
  2. From his visa details posted earlier, looks like he's also on overstay.
  3. There was some further information in Mgronline.com from 01/07/20. Police Colonel Suppharoek Phankoson, Chief of Police at the Surat Thani Immigration Bureau, disclosed to reporters that at approximately 1.00pm on the 28th June the foreigner had entered Nopaporn Pharmacy on Soi Green Peach, Hat Rin in Koh Phangan. He claimed that the medicine he had purchased several days earlier from there hadn't worked and then assaulted the 44 year-old pharmacist and demanded his money back, as seen in the video. The police have identified him as Mr Benjanin Stuart Reed, an American citizen, who entered Thailand on 14/03/20 on a 30 day visa expiring on 12/04/20. Mgronline.com also revealed that the American had been involved in a previous similar incident on Koh Samui at a motorcycle hire shop, before travelling on to Ko Phangan and assaulting the pharmacist. Police are currently searching for him and believe he is currently hiding out in Krabi or Phuket province.
  4. Er...Sudan is 97% Islamic and 1.5% Christian. Hardly substantial. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudan#Religion
  5. Probably got it from their little book they're so fond of. No need for increased IS propaganda. Ironically, I just saw a video of a demonstration and march in Glasgow held a few days ago, with the Scots protesters chanting, "refugees are welcome here!"
  6. The hotel was housing migrants/asylum seekers. The attacker was Sudanese and had complained about poor food and living conditions before embarking on the rampage. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8463513/Major-incident-declared-Glasgow-armed-police-swoop-busy-street.html
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