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  1. How wrong you are Shady. The revenue from retail is a huge part of what AoT needs to operate the airports. Just look around the world & you see airports are now malls & convenience facilities for pax. On numerous occasions I have needed to take a room in an airport facility, either because of multi hour waits for connections or because of delayed flights. The days of airports as as utilitarian facilities died decades ago when airlines began the hub & spoke model which requires pax to spend sometimes significant time in connecting hubs. Suvarnabhumi is a global hub not simply a destination.
  2. If the booze banners get their way and there is no alcohol on sale on April 13 you can bet your bottom dollar that tourists will not only stay away, they will switch to Cambodia, Laos etc where they can have a load of fun. The rationale for a booze ban is to prevent road accidents. There will be no impact because the residents who have a good stock of booze will continue to drive drunk.
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