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  1. Why not ask Central Patana as they are the owner operator of the malls, or go to the information desk at the mall and sweet talk them into giving you the information!
  2. How do you know when a politician is lying? When his lips are moving. And Anutin's move a hell of a lot
  3. Yes this administration is utterly devoid of the ability to take decisions & stick to them because the virus in in charge. Lack of widespread access to self testing and the disastrous vaccination "plan" merely add to the chaos. The doors to tourism could be opened but who would come? The beloved Chinese cannot travel here, nor can Europeans or Australians. So the place would simply be overrun by people trying yo escape India & other virus hotspots. In 4 months half the hotels in Thailand will have closed down so there wont be anywhere for people to stay, no restaurants to eat at &
  4. He is combative, ignorant, a loud mouth and basically a thug. Obviously prime characteristics for his current position. He will not be removed as the result of public pressure because he has the PM by the b*lls when it comes to the balance of power. No doubt his continual promotion of the Sinovac vaccine is based on something other than efficacy because even the Chinese admit their vaccines are inferior. I wonder what is the reason?!!
  5. brommers

    Filo Pastry

    Was in Rimping Meechok branch at 11am today. Freezer section opposite the Tetrapak fruit juices. Jus Rol brand.
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