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  1. As time passes my confidence in Astra Zeneca decreases. Their initial testing procedures were less than well organised, their production capabilities have been a shambles in Europe, the efficacy of their vaccine is not well substantiated in some categories, it is not effective against at least one of the emerging list of variants and now their paperwork is suspect. Astra Zeneca is traditionally not a vaccine company and Thailand has bet the shop on them along with Siam Bioscience which also has no experience in vaccines. This seems to be a high risk scenario which could easily become a nightma
  2. Seems he is willing to risk having a vaccine that many European countries do not use for old folk, like anyone over 65! But then we all realise that he knows better than anyone else in the medical fraternity.
  3. I get regular deliveries from my local 7-11. The only trouble is I never order anything on-line from any of the delivery services but they ring my bell many times per week. And it seems impossible to stop them thinking my house is the only one in the area that has ordered.
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