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  1. What is the speed limit for pick up truck´s with 2 seats and 28 kids in the back?
  2. I am beginning to be afraid, that it may show, that the side effects of the vaccine are worse, than the symptoms of the disease.
  3. It can no longer surprise me, that the Thais would like the foreigners to pay for getting vaccinated, before being allowed to come and rescue their economy. I also think, that most Thais would like the dual pricing system to be turned up a notch, when foreign tourists starts coming back.
  4. Could you please be a little more specific about the adress?
  5. Thailand will not be able to safely open up for foreign tourism, until they have their own population vaccinated. The generals have made an own goal, by not even having started vaccinating people yet, while supposedly being busy counting brown envelopes.
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