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  1. Time to have two drivers on Thai busses, just like on an airplane. Better chances that one of them will stay awake.
  2. "Under Thai law, a person – including tourists – must have a valid Helmsman Class 2 licence in order to legally operate a jet-ski." Yeah right! And you must have a valid Drivers License, in order to rent a Motorbike in Thailand. These businesses should immediately be closed down.
  3. Now illegal software is also being sold openly online on Lazada. I recently bought Microsoft Office and had to pay for shipping. All I received was an EMPTY envelope and had to receive some codes in the chatroom, together with a link to download the stuff.
  4. Compared to 5 years ago, I get 25% less Baht for my Euro, so if anyone in the government are still wondering, why European tourists no longer travel to Thailand, just look at the below chart showing Euro vs Baht during the last 5 years. https://www.advfn.com/stock-market/FX/EURTHB/chart
  5. That is no longer supposed to be considered a scam, after the prizes have been approved by the government.
  6. As far as I have experienced on my many travels in Thailand, tourist destinations in this country, already have to many tourists and far to many hotels, in order to attract quality tourists. I will rather stay at home, than travel to an overcrowded tourist destination with dirty beaches, where many people behave like animals. I suggest that Thailand starts to measure and publish the numbers of water quality on their beaches. As it is now, I would not dare to take a swim on any beach in Thailand.
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