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  1. I just came back from Foodland, who also have introduced this so called Thai Chana app. I had to open Line on my phone and scan the QR code provided, which opened a link in my browser, where I entered my phone number and immediately was approved to enter. For some reason I wasn´t offered the opportunity to check out of the supermarket again though.
  2. So how do you register for this "Thai Chana" app? Nothing comes up, when searching in Google Play!
  3. If any owners of Clubs, Discos and bars are just sitting and waiting for things to get back to normal, they will be surprised, that the normal they know, will not come back again. There is going to be a totally new normal, so right now it´s time to be innovative and create new kinds of activities for people, who want to be social, but not social with everyone on the premises. Most bars are small and will have difficulties to survive, if they should try to move tables and seats, so people can keep a healthy distance to each others. Since most bars, clubs and discos in Pattaya have prostitution involved, the owners could focus more on this part of the business. F.x. they could provide private cabins / rooms, where prostitutes and customers could have their own private parties, with drinking, eating and boom boom. Now is definitely the time to think out of the box.
  4. I guess that they get what they pay for. No teachers with skilled English teaching abilities, would work for 30,000 Baht per month, which hardly covers a mediocre accommodation. But hey.... Bad English is still better than no English.
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