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  1. What sun exposure does your balcony have? Direct afternoon sun can be too much for these plants and the foliage will get sunburned, especially if water deficit occurs. If possible, provide shading. Airflow from the aircon unit will have a drying effect. Water management and getting that right will be your biggest challenge. Monitor soil moisture daily until you get to know how soon the water in the saucers dries up and the soil dries out. Watch for wilting of the foliage, evident in the photos, which indicates extreme water deficit. Monitor by watching the water in the saucer, digging int
  2. You are assuming that the "wood dust" is sign of a termite infestation, but it could be powder-post beetles. https://termitesurvey.com/difference-beetles-termites/#:~:text=Powder-post beetles are a kind of insect that,insects that don’t need each other to function.
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