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  1. I agree that it is important to monitor plant nutrients and fertilizer inputs, but the focus on NPK is only a small part of the picture and often leads to overlooking the other essential nutrients and their relationships to each other and to plant health and productivity. We should be considering all the major cations Ca, Mg, K and Na and anions S and P, plus the minor, micronutrients B, Mn, Fe, Cu and Zn and their balance within the context of the Cation Exchange Capacity, pH and soil OM%. Plus trace minerals. To shortcut this and only focus on NPK is a limited view and inadquate to explain many disorders that arise from nutrient deficiencies and imbalances. For example, What about Calcium and its importance for metabolic functions and cell wall strength. And what about Boron, which is important for Ca metabolism? https://www.croplife.com/crop-inputs/the-importance-of-calcium-in-plant-nutrition/ And what about the Ca to Mg ratio? If not balanced, high Mg to Ca can cause a tight soil that doesn't drain well. https://blog.nutri-tech.com.au/six-secrets-to-soil-test-success-1/ What about Sulfur, one of the most important plant nutrients but usually not included in chemical fertilizer formulas or even tested for in conventional soil tests. https://www.smart-fertilizer.com/articles/sulfur The new and vastly improved approach to agronomy, soil fertility and plant nutrition is worth getting in touch with.
  2. Also Sriyont in Chiang Mai Wat Gate district, east road along Ping River
  3. Those are just a step up from a paper shredder. These are wood chippers
  4. PM me if you want my wife and daughter contact info. They know the shop and one or both of them may take you there. Try to see the English speaking owner manager, I forget her name. She also runs their organic farm in Phichit province. Tell Mrs MoneyBaht to buy some of their EM too. Oh, I just realized, Nakhon Pathom, you are right down the road from the bone meal factory. Connect with Evolare and his wife. They have a lot of good materials to get you started on your own COF. That's where I buy most of mine. And attached is an excerpt from Steve Solimon's book. from the chapter on COF. But dude, if ya ain't 'merican, ya gotta do the math. 84 The Intelligent Gardener.pdf
  5. I'm with Red, I don't think in his case it is anthracnose. The water issue can be not only heavy watering, but rapid changes, from dry conditons to wet, or visa versa. But I'm curious, what fungicide are you using? What are the "several potential problems"? What is the timing in relation to the stage of the problems? Are you spraying proactively, for potential perceived problems, or do you have early signs, or advanced conditions? The use of fungicides should be specific, for the target pathogen, and the timing has to be appropriate for the stage of the disease. Otherwise you are guessing and maybe wasting material and money. If you are striving to transition into organic methods and materials, some fungal diseases can be prevented with biological fungicides, avoiding the heavy hitters, chemical fungicides. And high nutrient density soil improvements will help with plant resistance to disease. Post or PM and I'll help best I can.
  6. Yes, complete information is not always easy to come by. That article is written by Steve Solomon, author of the book The Intelligent Gardener, in which he has a whole chapter on COF. But even there, I had to study it and try to pull out a formula with products that I could get my hands on. And that is an issue in Thailand, availability of products that are mentioned in articles from other countries are not always available. And some authors don't want to give away details of their proprietary formula that comprises products they sell. I make my own COF, but found it hard to find all the ingredients I wanted in Thailand, and believe me I tried. It's getting better with AMD www.bonemeal.net building their product line. But It took me a couple of years and a paid course of study with Michael Astera, author of The Ideal Soil, in writing soil amendment prescriptions before I found an "ideal" recipe from products I could source. There is a good, ready made COF in "bokashi" form (Japanese technology, EM embellished and minerailized compost) that is made and sold in Samut Prakan. Organic Totto is the company. I have given the website here before and location, last was in the discussion on EM ("what is this stuff good for") I don't know if you can order online yet. The company is located near where we live so I just pick some up when I need it. Samut Prakan is the neighboring province to Bangkok, along the gulf coast at the mouth of the Chao Praya River. The company is near the "crocodile farm", near the end of the BTS Sukhumvit line between Kheha station and Sai Luat. A 25 kilo sack of their blue bag Bokashi COF sells for 350 baht. Before I was making my own, I used this fertilizer and was happy with results. I also gave some to friends and even trialed some at my friends organic rice farm in Chiang Mai. It is slow release, so you can't expect an immediate big flush of growth like with a high N chemical fertilizer. But when it kicks in, that complete range of nutrients produces a balanced growth, luster and productivity, and resistance to pests and diseases, that only comes from healthy well nourished plants with good water management. .
  7. Clonex flies off the shelves here in California cannabis growers supply shops. But another option that I think is far better, from soaking seeds for germination, for every stage of plant development. I use it regularly in my liquid fertilizer solutions and for rejuvenating root growth in damaged and stressed trees. It is an organic root stimulation formula, kelp, humic acid, amino acid product: Essential Plus from Growth Products. I had a Thailand supplier contact, but can't find it. https://www.domyown.com/essential-plus-natural-organic-root-and-plant-stimulator-p-17620.html
  8. The mulching is a good start. And then there is a new attitude in the world around fertilizers, avoiding high NPK chemisty and going with slow release mineralized COF: https://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/garden-fertilizer-zmaz06jjzraw
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